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PE supplements

PE supplements

Hi there guys. There is allot of talk about pills that make your dick bigger and gives you harder erections etc. Sure everyone have heard about Viagra, I have no doubt that work for ppl with impotence problems. But what about all these other pills, eat this and you give a bigger penis, eat that and your penis will grow 2 inch.

Is any of these true or is it all just bullshit? I can believe that you can take something against erection problems but something to make it bigger? Sounds like bs to me.

And also, is it true that Cayenne pepper are good for EQ?

Go to the Review Forum and find the pull down “Search this Thread” menu near the top of the page. Enter ‘pills’ and you’ll get a list of threads containing that word. Most will have the name of the magic penis pill in the title so you can look for your favorites.

None of them make your dick bigger. Some help with erection quality (EQ).

Viagra is a prescription medication. It is not a supplement and shouldn’t be treated like one.

Cayenne pepper is a spice. Why would it have any effect on EQ?

Cayenne does have some positive reported effects on the vascular system. It supposedly increases peripheral circulation through activation of neurons in the vagus nerve. So it would make sense that it could help with erection quality however it would not increase the size of your member.

Yes I’ve heard that cayenne pepper improve blood flow and blood circulation and therefore you get better erection from it. I never thought it could make my penis bigger. I have nothing to loose. Can eat some pepper and see if have any effect on the erection.

I know this is not the popular view, but I believe the right combination of herbs can make your erection temporarily but markedly larger.


Take supplements to support the workouts, like bodybuilders do. This removed the red spots completely for me. Added bonus is (depending on the supplements taken) bigger load or increased libido.

For example, as seen in the Holy grail of cum load increase, they take lecithin to increase their loads, while that is an added bonus.

I use it for keeping my blood-vessels supple and for my overall health. That it happens to give bigger loads is something that comes as a secondary objective.

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