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PE supplements and premature ejaculation

PE supplements and premature ejaculation

Hey.I’m new to PE and have been taking small doses of many sexual supplements that come with my GNC performance and vitality packs. These include arginine, maca, horny goat weed, saw palmetto, and some ginko herbs. I definatly notice a big difference in my sex drive n erections, but I was wondering if anybody knew if these supplements cause premature ejaculation? I’ve noticed that I’m more sensitive.but havent noticed a change in ejac yet.I know this should be posted in the supplement forum but this is my first post so it had to be here, if anybody has ANY knowledge about these supplements I’m interested

Any suggestions, supplement guys?

There doesn’t appear to be anything in the mix that would contribute to that. I’ve tried all that KC lists, and separately. My bet is that the Maca and L-a have more erectile effect; they don’t change ejaculation timing. The others don’t do squat for me, but then we are all different from a chemical point of view.



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