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PE Pills

PE Pills

I’ve seen many ads selling PE Pills as the miracle of the century, that makes your penis grow without exercises, 1 or more inches in just months.

Has anyone tried these pills? Has anyone tried these pills alone without doing the exercises?

Please let me hear your experiences or opinions.



Don’t believe the hype*.

I've tried them...

I’ve tried them. They all seem to use a close variation of herbs. More or less they all do the same thing. They increase blood flow and make you horny. However, they don’t over-increase blood flow in a manual uniformed manner needed for PE (ie using jelqing and stretching to push blood). They are merely a good addition to add to a daily PE routine. If you find it difficult to get or maintain repeated erections, then these things are good to have. I use Virility Pills RX from a company called They give the best deal that I’ve seen if you buy in bulk. I buy 6 bottles at a time, but get a 20% discount with every purchase after my original purchase. Without the discount it’s $200.95 dollars for 6 bottles ($33.49 a bottle), but with the discount it’s $160.76 ($26.79 a bottle). That is pretty cheap considering some of these places charge up to $70-$80 dollars a friggin bottle! So if you can find a better deal, please let me know. Right now this is the best deal I could find. It’s a little pricey, but still the cheapest I’ve seen yet. And they work great to make me horny as hell. They even helped to counteract the limpness effects of Propecia. Ya, 25 y/o and hair was really starting to fall out. Thankfully that is under control now and coming back, and these virility pills do a great job to keep my sexual stamina and erections going hard all day. I hope this was of some help guys! :)

-Jonnie D.

Male response is a lot cheaper and contains most of the same ingredients. In the end its probably worth simply buying l-arginine and maybe a few other ingredients to make your own. Depends whether throwing away money is an issue of course.

I thought so

Thank you, memento and Jonnie. Bottom line, these pills don’t make your penis grow, right? They only give you better erection and make you horny. That’s what I thought. All too simple and unrealistic. I don’t see how pills can have action only in your penis. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye open.

Thanks again, guys.


Your lips and nipples are also composed of erectile tissue. So, if “penis pills” add 1-4” to your unit, you should expect to see a corresponding increase in your lips and tits as well. LOL. ;) Let’s get real here! There is NO pill that by itself leads to actual penis enlargement unless you have difficulty getting a solid erection. In that case, you might achieve some “enlargement” as regards getting a hard on. Otherwise, forget about it.

It is amazing to see the proliferation of full page adds for various penis enlargement pills in men’s fitness magazines, “girlie” magazines, and lots of other places, as well. There must surely be a huge market for men who want a bigger unit, but who are extremely gullible or else too lazy to put in the hard work required for PE!!

I concur with memento. Buy the individual ingredients you want, and supplement your efforts inexpensively!



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