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PE and performance enhancing drugs (PEDs)

PE and performance enhancing drugs (PEDs)

Does anyone think that performance enhancing drugs (human growth hormone, et al) could work in conjunction with a PE routine to achieve better results?

Not as far as I know and I know my way around steroids and the like. Wish it were different and you could take a drug to grow your penis.

The only guy I know who does PE and isn’t a member of this forum. He used DHT and all sorts of testosterone and steroid boosts when he was like 17-19 and did PE and gained really amazingly from simple manual routine. I think the extra testosterone at that age probably helped a lot.

Of course, Audacia, that goes back to the ageless and never-to-be-conclusively-answered question of what the results are of doing PE while you are getting your natural adolescent growth.

Who knows what sort of results the guy you know would have gotten anyway from doing PE at that time without additional chemicals - or, for that matter, what growth he would have gotten naturally without doing PE at all.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I think the most important thing to take into hand is your body’s natural test levels. I use steroids, gh, and igf and I have seen remarkable gains lately but in retrospect I think it has more to do with the eurycoma and hcg I have been taking lately. While taking steroids your body will shut your natural test levels down which I believe can be bad for your pe development. Your blood to the genitals is slowed in an effort to slow down your test levels cause your body thinks they are producing too much. Hcg, eurycoma, and clomid(although clomid I don’t recommend it makes you moody), all keep your body producing it’s own test. GH and igf are very fast acting compounds. I use them 3x a week directly after my workout. Drink a shake and do a good jelqing routine. The half life of gh is 17 mins so the window is small in my opinion if you want to get good use of it for PE. There are other compounds that elevate your natural gh levels pretty much all day which I would think would be more beneficial but since it is summer and I am on a diet, I will not use cause those substances make you STARVE. Don’t count out creams either. It is proven that transdermal delivery of nutritients is second only to sublingual absorbtion in effectiveness and speed.


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