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Papain from papaya latex


Papain from papaya latex

Westlake, would appreciate your usual thorough review of papain for use in PE. Papain breaks down the intercellular matrix of cartlidge/protein in general. Wondered whether utilizing a poultice application to the penis area would enhance results girth exercise by use of cable clamping or bib extreme uli. Perhaps weaken the ligs for easier elongation as well. Main use is the clarification of beer, making pizza dough and of course meat tenderizer. Specifically, I’m interested in Gladase Papain-Urea Ointment by Stiefel Laboratory, Coral Gables, Fl.

Damn Dude;

I wouldn’t put that on your dick. Sounds like it will slowly erode away.


Those of us in the Pacific who peel and eat a lot of papaya know that the juice in the skin of this fruit is a major irritant. Peel a couple of papayas and your hands burn, much like working with very small, hot peppers.

Easy to see why they use papaya sap to make meat tenderizer.



Avocet, I have long been a fan of papaya and eat a large one weekly. Dip my cock in a papaya puree after a PE workout before wrapping. Never have had any discoloration or skin trauma in two years of PE; 4 mo on 4mo off 10hrs/week. Mainly hang 22.5# Bib regular. Have had average gains for that amount of effort; 2.2” length and 0.5”girth midshaft. That is what got me thinking about a stronger papain formulation and since I am a poor medical researcher I abrogate the responsibility to Westlake who is a marvel.

Hi Bud,

I was born and raised in Venezuela. As you sure know, papaya (we call it “lechosa”, meaning milky, because of the thick irritant milk it produces while not ripen) is a fruit originary of tropical Central and South America. It is found in large quantities and different varieties in this country and don’t exaggerate if I tell you it’s part of our daily diet and that you can find papaya plants even in the backyards. I have a plant on mine.

Besides being a strong proteolytic substance, papain has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It shares these characteristics with pineapple, which contains bromelin (the pineapple is a bromelia also originary of South America and very abundant here) a strong proteolytic and anti-inflammatory chemical, too. We know about these anti-inflammatory properties and eat them in large amounts as medicine either to aid digestion or to aid in pain relief of arthritic or musculoescheletal origin.

The point I’m trying to make is that I’m not sure about applying a papain creme, but ingesting large amounts of it (I have done it for years as almost anyone in this country) is healthy and might help you in your pursuit. At the very least, it will help with inflammation and soreness from PE, but will never harm you. It doesn’t have to be eaten the same way always, you can prepare a delicious drink by mixing in a blender, adding some water, ice, sugar and a dash of lemon. Think about eating pineapple (don’t mix them together, at different hours), the greatest amount of bromelin is in its peel. You just boil it, pass it through the electric mixer, strain it and drink it with a little sugar, if you like.

Take care,

Hog6.5, thanks for input. I presently use papaya in daily smoothie also containing whey protein isolate 75g, arginine 5g, glutimate 5g, banana, mango and avacado all blended with milk. Perhaps that is sufficient ……just thought topical application of papain directly to dick might be helpful. Will get the pineapple peel at my local supermarke produce department and try boiling/straining as you suggest. Thanks.

Any time, Bu_do, glad to be of help.
After I posted remembered that there are over the counter papaya (papain) supplement pills, not sure whether GNC, FDC, etc. in health stores. Normally, they also carry Bromelin.

By the way, after I wrote the post, I ate half of a 6 lbs. papaya, normally do it for dinner.

Take care,

There was a fair bit of discussion on the board about this last year. We never reached any firm conclusions. I was putting together an order for BAC last night and noticed that they had Bromelin available so ordered some. I decided to go for ready made caps since it advises against breathing in the powder. Originally (last year) I was thinking of making a transdermal for targetting the tunica , but eventually decided that it might compromise skin quality on the way through. That wasn’t a scientific conclusion - more of a guess, but eating the stuff seem to be quite popular.

Hi Shiver,

you may be right about the transdermal. Have you noticed that when you eat pineapple get a tingling maybe itching sensation on your tongue? Well, it is proteolytic bromelin eating away your oral mucosa. Since it isn’t a large amount, nothing happens. However, getting a dissolved dick from topical or transdermal application is another matter.

Besides papaya, I eat about 1 pineapple a day (including skin, as explained before). I don’t do it for PE purposes until now, but because my full contact karate training makes me very bruised and sore, and get excellent results. If it is placebo effect I don’t care, still get the results. I think both papaya and pineapple will help -at least- for better recovery from PEing.

Take care,

Originally my angle was to use it as a collagenase in order to make deformation easier, but only in the last few days did I learn about the bruising/recovery angle. I guess it’s ability to help break down damaged tissue can only be a bonus for PE.

I understand your main concern. I suspect you may get both effects, sounds reasonable. We lose nothing by trying. I vaguely remember from an article I read in Reader’s Digest when I was a kid, that in the 50’s the Argentinians performed an experiment by which they fed large amounts of papaya to cattle in order to tenderize the meat, more or less what you’re thinking to do with your dick. The experiment did work, the meat from that cattle was more tender.

Any way, I’m with you on the theory, let’s see what happens.

Take care,

What a pleasure reading two intelligent posters like Hog6.5 and Shiver.

@ Bud_do: Blushes

@ Hog: It should be here around Monday all being well, so I’ll be guinea pig for this.

I’m here too, Shiver.

Thank you Bud_do. Don’t forget you laid down a very interesting subject. Since I started PE, I thought my papaya+pineapple regime was going to help inflammation and bruising. However, I didn’t give much thought to the proteolytic angle: making the dick’s tissue more ductile, thus increasing gains. Great idea!

PE is serious business, it requires serious thought. Glad to contribute.

Take care,

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