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Papain from papaya latex

The pineapple thing reminded me of a product I saw a while back called Semenex (makes jiz taste nicer). I looked it up again just now, and the main ingredient is….Pineapple!

My Bromelain just arrived this morning (under 5 days from US to UK!). I haven’t drawn up a protocol yet. Any suggestions?

I just found this site:…525,760,00.html So I think I’ll start with 1x500mg tablet (2000 GDU’s) three times per day between meals. I’ll try to source a pestle to crush the tablets to see if I can dissolve them and make a transdermal, as I still have a couple of bottles of Avant Labs Gel#3 around here somewhere.

Originally Posted by bud_do
Westlake, would appreciate your usual thorough review of papain for use in PE.

Bud - I guess this was directed at me? I apologize for missing it. Thus far everyone has said essentially what I would have said. Topical application of the enzyme would not soften your ligaments. The amount of it in a commercially prepared cream would be small so it wouldn’t start digesting your skin, plus I don’t see how you could “target” a structure deep under the many layers of skin and fat by using a cream even if it had a large amount of the chemical in it.

Taking it orally may help your digestion, but again won’t target the ligaments of the penis nor any other ligaments, IMO. However, you did start an interesting topic and got our resident expert on South American plants to provide us with great information.

Hi Shiver and good to hear from you Westla,

I essentially agree with Westla regarding the transdermal. Plus I think a strong concentration of bromelain in a transdermal might damage your skin.

However, I’m not sure about the bromelain (taken orally) not making the connective tissue more ductile. What I have no doubts whatsoever is about it having anti-inflammatory effects and helping with bruising and soreness from PEing. It does help me with bruising, soreness, inflammation and joint pain from other activities and has for many years, therefore I don’t have reasons to believe otherwise. In any case, it is matter for discussion and this what we are here for. Perhaps, the resident expert Westla mentions could shed some light on the subject.

There are several prescription anti-inflammtory drugs available in my country made either with papaya or pineapple, Parke Davis makes one of them, I’m going to check in the web.

Take care guys,

P.S.: I think papain -the original subject put forth by Bud_do- is used in medicine to break down connective tissue. Will check that out, too.

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There seems to be a lot of information on the web about it breaking down scar tissue. In topical creams it’s used as a debriding agent prior to skin grafting so I have no doubts about its abilities. There’s also some mention of its use in Peyronies. For that reason alone I think it’s worth doing a course. It may not get you back to newbie gains status, but if it helps cleaning out the area to be healed then it could act as a time compressor in order to avoid over training.

Anecdotally, I did 4x500mg of bromelain yesterday along with a fairly heavy workout that left my unit very red and bruised. This morning I was just looking at it and thinking it’s the most pinky and healthy thing looking I’ve seen it for years. That’s after just one day, so we’ll see if it continues. Another thing I noticed was that I did 2x20mins pumping at a purposefully excessive Hg. I have no edema whatsover today which is most irregular.

Originally Posted by Hog6.5

Perhaps, the resident expert Westla mentions could shed some light on the subject.

Uh, that would be you Hog.

Hi Shiver,

I’m pretty sure your on the right track. I repeat I’m not a believer of the topical application, I’ll put my money on the systemic (oral) use.

You’re absolutely right about papain in topical creams for debriding lesions. Regarding bromelain (you set me right about the spelling, I was using the Spanish version), I’m not surprise about the lack of edema, bromelain does have diuretic effect and is very popular as such around here.

Let’s keep in mind that we are talking about two different enzymes with some similar properties. So, I’m assuming you are talking about papain in the first paragraph of your last post, right?

Take care,

This pineapple thing is news to me, now I gotta try eating lots of pineapple so all the girls will want to drink my candy tasting man juice! :chuckle:

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Originally Posted by Hog6.5
Hi Shiver,
Let’s keep in mind that we are talking about two different enzymes with some similar properties. So, I’m assuming you are talking about papain in the first paragraph of your last post, right?

Take care,

I’m talking about bromelain, but only because it’s what I have, though the two seem to be used almost interchangably in the stuff I’ve read. I’m not sure if that’s a safe assumption to make or not, but since they’re both used for the same purpose I was deliberately trying to be vague on that area so that we could discuss the concept rather than specific products :)

I’m noticing some changes in a very short space of time that I wasn’t expecting (with bromelain that is). My unit is looking very healthy, but it’s as if it’s turning back into a grower rather than a shower. In one way this is great since it looks very healthy and uniform in colour, but in another way I am getting concerned that it’s shrinking. A quick ruler test of Flaccid stretch and BPEL reassures that all is well though.

I’m really surprised by it so far, as I’ve taken so many different pills that are purported to do amazing things, and you wait and wonder if it’s placebo or real. This stuff seems to be extremely effective, yet from a marketing point of view it’s a very humble product. I’m not sure yet if I think it’s fantastic or disasterous since I’ve not been on it for even 48 hours yet, but I can say that it definately makes a difference.

I tend to PE in the week days more than weekends, so tomorrow marks the start of my first week of dilligent protocol, so maybe I’ll have something useful to report in a week or so.

Starting tomorrow:

500Mg Alcar, 25Mg L-Ornithine (as per Fountain of Youth thread Fountain of Youth)
500Mg x 3 Bromelain
Heat pad 30mins warm up while by Pumping (x 3), and 3 times 3 mins stretching afterwards. No cool down.

Hi Shiver,

it is important to be absolutely clear on the enzyme we’re talking about. Papain and bromelain are similar but not identical, thank you for clearing that up.

Anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects of bromelain are immediate. So, you’ll notice a reduction of swelling, soreness and fluid build up within hours of ingestion, as you report. It has been also my experience.

As for the other matter, we’ll have to wait and see.

Take care,

I’d like to ask what might seem to be an unrelated question; Is male pattern baldness just as prevelant in cultures that have a diet very high in proteolytic enzymes?

(I’m not going off topic I promise)

Well there’s the thing. I don’t think DHT is the culprit. In the same way as saying “sugar induces coma”, it is true for some people (eg. diabetics), but not the actual cause.

The only reason I ask is that I thought it might be a good indicator of the efficacy of the enzymes taken orally.

You don’t think the studies done by the makers of Propecia are true? The pill, which inhibits the enzyme type II 5 alpha-reductase to decrease serum and scalp DHT, stops hair loss and helps in regrowth. It’s worked for me for several years now.


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