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P E pill temptation


I’m AirAl and I too was a penis pill victim (VigRX). I too was too embarrassed to go for the guaranty and admit that they didn’t work. Those guaranty’s suck. VigRx’s is 60 days and they recommend taking them for 120 days to evaluate results. ?!?! After 60 days I was still willing to give it time and was feeling some circulatory effects I suppose. Libido boost was there too. In short, they didn’t grow my unit. I think all those companies should be put under for fraud, but if that happened the Gross National Product would plummet. Ha ha. Actually probably something to that.

Right now I’m taking some supplements but only for the sexual benefits. Not sure how useful that is really either. Psychologically taking the pills has me thinking its not just me performing. Akin to a steroid using athelete. I could probably quit the pills and quit coffee and drink more water and PE and be better off.

what is maca male mix and how can I get it?

Re: P E pill temptation

Originally posted by T-rex
Is the realistic or bullshit, because dam that would be about an 1 1/2 inch gain for me.

I’m sure the 25% gains in very little time are those “freak” people who are the same ones who lose 100lbs in a short amount of time- just examples of the extreme used to market the product better.

If your dick is 4” and you gain 1” in 4-6 weeks just from a pill that enhances bloodflow to your dick… then THERE is your 25% gain :D Or in many cases… peple would round off .75” to a full inch.

Figure that many of these men can be overweight, out of shape, or have high blood pressure (or all 3!) which are not the best conditions for optimum penile health. So a pill allowing more bloodflow down there will enlarge it somewhat.

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definetely true. Smoking slows down results as well. I took magnaRx and I gained .75 girth and same in length. I took it for the 2 month reccomendation.

Originally posted by KingUbu
If you are going to take any sort of penis pills, find the ingredients in a less expensive form. That way when you realize that they only increase your libido and provide a little extra boost in bloodflow you won't kick yourself in the ass. I've been using the Maca Male Mix at for a while with very little financial strain and no complaints with the results. As I've said before, they are a small company and if they are bombarded by orders it will take some time. Its something in the neighborhood of $10 per month and there are some days that I worry about humping legs it works so well. For me, at least.

I agree

I like to use Penagrow and it is very cheap, and has all the ingredients that the rest have apart from a few herbs like Cayenne Pepper that it has that the rest of the shit don’t. I swear by it because it is very good for circulation.

What its got in it:
Oat Straw (Herb Powder), Catauba (Herb Powder), Muira Puama (Herb Powder), Nettle (Herb Powder), Oyster Meat, Orchic, Cayenne Pepper (Herb Powder), Tribulus Terrestris (Herb Powder), Astragalus (Herb Powder), Pumpkin Seed (Herb Powder), Licorice (Herb Powder) Boron
Zinc Oxide 50mg 333%, Yohimbe Bark (15:1 Extract) 500mg
Maca (6:1) 250mg, L-Arginine 500mg, Ginseng Blend (Korean/Siberian) 125mg

And its only about $19 per bottle and its good stuff.

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I bought 2 bottles of Vigrx, after a month and a half, i have absolutely no results so I actually motivated myself to return them (and keep some of the leftover pills just in case. those jerks better give me my money back!!!! I have no problem taking them to court and winning a couple hundred thousand for penile damage….


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