Diet pills and pre work-out booster are all a scam, and these days people ougtha know better than to fall for the utter stupid advertising’s for these products. Most often all they do is dehydrate you, meaning, that you lose weight temporarily when you get off them, boom, back to square one. You might also get some side effects like anxiety/ nervousness and nausea due to it’s contents mostly made up of caffeine and some other ‘stuff’ as they almost blatantly call it because people don’t even bother to check out actual studies showing the effects of them, if any and mostly just temporarily effects.

All it takes is a lifestyle change( so sick of saying that, sorry) some modest amount of working out and a good diet. It’s no hokus- pokus, sim sala- bim or magic. Please do yourselves a favor and stay away from shit like this in the future. Pre- workout booster and diet pills= Scam= Easy money for the manufacturer.