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Nutrition Forum on the Interweb?

Nutrition Forum on the Interweb?

Can someone point me in the direction of a good forum for posting “healthy lifestyle” and “nutrition” questions?

Yes, Google is my friend, but I would like to cut through the crap and visit a new forum under someone’s recommendation.

FYI, the kind of questions I am going to as are like:

Q: I bought some “all natural” peanut butter with two ingredients: Valencia peanuts and lecithin. Is this still a healthy snack? (Should I only go for 100% peanut butter and avoid “lecithin”?)


Q: I like eating yogurt with fruit in it, but am unsure how to know what are truly healthy ones and what aren’t? For instance, is “Astro BioBest Vitalite Probiotic Yogurt” (with 3% M.F.) a good one? How do you know good yogurts from unhealthy ones?

Thanks! :)
And if someone has an answer to those questions, that is cool too.

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a health fanatic friend of mine (she spent a year in med school, she’s brilliant) recommend a forum like that just today—but I forgot the name ug…

I’ll have to ask, I’ll post it maybe tomorrow


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