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Hello All. I have used the search feature to see if I could look up the answer to my question. So far only ran across one thread and it was 2 years old. Anyways my question was. Is anyone taking Nox3? If so can you tell me how many pills you take and how often?

Here are the direction written on the bottle: Take three tablets twice daily, once in the morning on an empty stomach and again 30minutes prior to lunch.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Tried it

Yes, I tried it for several months. It is ok. One side effect is a little bit better erections. However, I much prefer “Animal Pump.” It is about $30 for 30 workouts, and it has much more in it. Google it and read about it. Great supplement. Gives you your pump (vasodilators like Nox3), creatine, energy boost, and antioxidant protection for minimal cost. It comes in a can of 30 packets of 9 pills/caplets/capsules). Great pre-workout supplement. MXL

Well I bought the Nox3 so I wanted to try it out. But I do not want to take the pills excessively. So was wondering if taking 2 pills a day would work? I am 128 pounds. The bottle recommends like 6 pills a day. I thought thats alot. Any help is appreciated.

Animal Pump has to be taken only if you’re weight training, taking it just for your erection is not that ok. Nox3 can be taken only for this purpose only.

I take nox3 and pump and the EQ is better.

Took Nox3 for a while was pretty awesome for a while was taking

6 tablets a day, after a while it was working too good and cut it back to 3 tablets a day seemed to do exact same thing

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