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Nox2, What should I expect

Nox2, What should I expect

I just started taking Nox2 and the overnight sample extender, and am going to start hitting the weights soon, but am laying off PE for a while, as I am with a girls who loves my 6.5 to 7 and thinks I am big, I also can’t seem to cum in her without jacking off first, it s very frustrating, but should I expect any PE results even though I’m not doing a routine, or just results in the muscle tone of my body.

I’ve used NOX2 for over a year off and on. I haven’t noticed any dick size results from using it, but I definitely notice the improved quality of the workouts that I get when I use NOX2 and lift weights.


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I have noticed overall increased vascularity, both on my body from woring out and on my dick, I also havvev noticed better morning wood and overall hardness, nbut nno size increase to speak of.

BTW, isn’t it great to be with someone who lies you just the way you are?:)

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