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NOX2 users - where'd you get it?

NOX2 users - where'd you get it?

I want to try NOX2. Is it available at a Rite-Aid type of place or GNC? Or do I have to order it online?

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I just got a bottle at GNC.

GNC is WAY too expensive!!! Try a good suppliment or nutrition store. They have a number of different brands, most are around $40. I have been using Sport Specific Sciences NOxx for about 9 months now & have been very happy with the results, not only for my weight lifting, but also for the flacid hang it seems to help add.

NOX2 is amazing stuff, do you guys think you could take this stuff for the rest of your life?

The source I mentioned is for 180 capsules, which if you take 3 twice a day as they recommend will last one month. (6g arginine per day)

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

do the supplements help increase length and girth. What are there ingrediat. Andro medical PE advvise that testorume can be used in conjunction with PE and results are greater is this true.

I’m about to order my Pinnacle NOX2 now…Redwood, did you have any trouble with ordering from your source? Did you get everything on time and whatnot?

Try checking out they do 180 tabs for $27.95 Plus shipping

When you get there do a search for NOX.

Haven’t tried it myself but I rather think I’m reacting to Arginine


Have looked again and they only seem to do nox3 at the same price as those stores shown above.


Yes, I noticed that, petitfaun. I guess I will give betterbodz a try and report back

The place I ordered from got my order to me in 2 weeks, but they had to climb mountains and fight polar bears and vellosa raptors just to get them to me up here in Canada from California.
But if has them cheaper you might want to try them out.

They contain L-Arginine, an amino acid. They don’t directly make you gain, but help out by giving better erections (and more nocturnal ones.) They also give you a better flaccid hang and healing from PE via better blood flow to the penis. I’m not sure if testosterone actually helps, though I did take tribulus terrestris (natural herbal testosterone booster) a few monthes back and I’ve gained decently.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

What is a good dosage for NO2X in terms of increasing benefits to your member (blood flow, better flaccid hang)?

I read somewhere that the dosage is a bit lower than the recommended one.


I didn’t notice much of a difference in my erections nor my flaccid hang after 3 weeks, but I noticed a definite difference in working out. I had more energy, and even after the first week of being on it I had a more “pumped” look to my whole body, so much so that I got comments on it almost immediately. I could see the veins popping out of my skin when lifting, more than usual.

When I start up PE again I’ll definitely be using NoX2 at the same time. For now, NoX2 + creatine + protein seems to be working great for me and my lifting routine. had some nice prices, looks like I might be goin with them and the nox3

Actually, Redwood, your place has it for like $5 cheaper, so I was going to go with them. Was the fact that you are in Canada the reason for the (relatively) long delivery time?

I just ordered some NOX3 from

Will keep you guys updated on any positive/negative effects.

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