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NOX2 users - where'd you get it?

Hey guys,

Here is an interesting link I found on the benfits of NO.

Not all related to bodybuilding or PE, but still a great read.

Here’s a few PE related points from your link Andrew, for those too lazy to read it.

“NO also inhibits the aggregation of platelets and thus keeps inappropriate clotting from interfering with blood flow.”
So taking NOX2 should hypothetically help us avoid thrombosed veins from PE.

“The erection of the penis during sexual excitation is mediated by NO released from nerve endings close to the blood vessels of the penis. Relaxation of these vessels causes blood to pool in the blood sinuses producing an erection.”
Here’s how NOX2 helps give us better wood.

Thanks Andrew, that was some good info. I saved it in my collection.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

ok, I placed my order with 2 days ago and it was charged to my CC, but the website still says ‘processing’…not sure what that’s about

Don’t worry mikewhit, they are a good company, if they got mine to me, I’m sure you’ll get yours soon in the US.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Well, I just got home, and it was there waiting for me! 2 days, plus they even included a sample bottle of the overnight extender! They’ve made a believer out of me, I guess the website was just a little slow.

Thanks for letting us know about this, Redwood!

I guess my next question is do you think the recommended dose is enough for pe(3 g/day twice a day) or is more necessary?


That’s the dose people I’ve asked are taking. Me too.

Thanks, MDC/ Will start tomorrow and see what happens…I can’t post new threads yet so I’ll keep updating this one. How has it worked for you?

Since my experience isn’t a “controlled study” I can’t say exactly what I can attribute to the NOX2. I’ve been taking it consistently for 2 weeks and my EG has gone up about .5” during that time. This is coming off a 2 week vacation-induced break from PE. I’d be even more impressed if I noticed some bodyfat reduction though. ;)

I’ve also been experiencing great erections, and flaccid size. Not like a Cialis induced 36 hour semi, but very nice.

My typical PE day consists of 30-50 minutes of clamping at the base(10 minute sets), and some manual stretching(10-30+ minutes). I’ve been doing this since about 2 months ago.


Glad to hear you got your NOX2.

The recommended dose for NOX2 has worked great for me, and I’m 6’3” 196lbs.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Cool, glad to hear it. Only been 4 days for me so far, and I missed one day(forgot:( ), but I’ll give it about two weeks and see. I’m not really doing any PE right now…I have done some jelqing in the past that seemed to give some very temporary gains, but they seemed to be all in the head and I’m actually pretty satisfied with my head size. I plan to buy a pump in a week or so and pretty much stick to that and some stretching; my primary short term goal is girth and flaccid hang. Currently I’m at 7”x5” EBPL(aiming for 8x6) and any flaccid gains would be great…I am definitely not a shower! Oh, I’m 6’4, 205.

My NOX3 arrived yesterday.

I have taken “baseline” measurements and will report back in a few weeks.

Originally Posted by Andrew69
My NOX3 arrived yesterday.
I have taken “baseline” measurements and will report back in a few weeks.

Awesome, I’m really interested in this new stuff, but I hate to try something else when I have something that I know works well…
However if it’s cheaper and has Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate: 100mg as an extra ingredient, then I might have to switch over.
Also I only have less than a month supply left so it’s time to consider restocking.

I’m also considering the purchase of this:
GABA increases Human Growth Hormone levels even more, which so far from the NOX2 alone has helped me gain some good muscle mass and lose some fat too.
So I’m interested in boosting these HGH levels even higher, as I’ve read alot of great things about it.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Decisions decisions….
Here’s two other interesting looking NO products:

Nitric Suspension:
Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate(A-AKG): 3700mg
Pituitary Extract: 25mg
Vitamin B-6: 15mg
Zinc AA Chelate: 10mg
Bioperine: 7mg
240 Caplets = $33.95 (30 day supply)
So for $6 more, it has 700mg more arginine, and these other ingredients are supposed to increase absorption.

Copper (malate) 1mg 50%
Chromium 60mcg 50%
Vitamin C (ester-c) 30mg 50%
Vitamin E 15iu 50%
Folate 200mcg 50%

Proprietary Blend: 1020mg
Cytosport’s proprietary matrix of nitric oxide donors (l-citrulline, l-norvaline, l-citrulline malate),
ZymeBloc - our U.S. patented arginase antagonist.
90 Caplets = $27.95
This stuff claims:
“Only Vasostat knocks out the enzyme that destroys up to 90% of other product's effectiveness. Vasostat takes advantage of the suppressed enzyme using the super effective “Citrulline-Arginine-NO pathway” to boost NO levels. Whatever the supplement, Vasostat makes it more effective. Because Vasostat helps enhance blood flow, nutrients reach their cell targets faster, with greater uptake. Protein, creatine and other supplements become more effective while taking Vasostat.

Vasostat is the most effective NO (nitric oxide) amplifier ever. It's the only product to defeat the enzyme arginase that limits other formulas. Vasostat helps you obtain higher and longer NO production that goes beyond mere muscle pumps to muscle growth. Vasostat suppresses the enzyme that destroys 90% of other product's NO potential.”

So if this is true, then perhaps buying this Vasostat would allow us to use less of our NO products, perhaps even go as cheap as buying the pure arginine - here.
L-Arginine(free form) 1lb - 1.5g (1,500mg) per serving = 302 servings per container = $22.99

What do you guys think? I’m trying to figure out which way I want to go about getting the best effects for my dollar.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Don’t know Redwood……I learned all this stuff from you!


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