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NOX2 on sale at Vitamin World

NOX2 on sale at Vitamin World

Okay, my Rite-Aid store is running supps at buy one get one free. But Vitamin World has NOX2 at 40% off, bringing 180 caps down to $38.97. Is that a good price? I’ve been tempted to try it.

I would say that’s a very good price. I bought mine for considerably more.

Just checked it out it is NOS not NO2 not real sure what the difference is.

I just checked — they’ve got it for like $34. Maybe they’re meeting Vitamin World’s price. But probably with shipping, I’d do better by just popping into Vitamin World since I’ll be in the neighborhood tomorrow. Anyhow, I’m particularly fond of Vitamin World… Great sales, and every 3 months they send a small check based on what you bought the previous quarter. It requires buying their Savings Passport, but I got mine one day when the were giving them away if you spent $21 dollars.

Oops: forgot to add disclaimer — I have no financial interest whatsoever in Vitamin World, unless they’re a public company and listed on the S&P 500, which I doubt. (I have my retirement fund in that stock index.)

Originally Posted by gram40
Just checked it out it is NOS not NO2 not real sure what the difference is.

Actually, everything in the store is 40% off. They always run a sale like like that the first day or few days of every month. NOS just happens to be a “featured” item on the front page at $37.99 for 180 caps.

But, if you search for Nox2, you’ll find:

NOX2 - 40% OFF
180 Caplets

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