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Normal Testosterone levels?


I hope to never experience something like that. Good luck getting your sex drive back. Don’t give up!

Let’s not forget that hypothyroidism can present with the same symptoms as hypogonadism (low T), including decreased libido.

You should have your TSH, Free T4, Free T3, and thyroid antibodies tested.

You gentlemen seem to have low test symptoms, common today due to environmental chemicals negitively affecting endocrine function. Find an Anti-Aging doctor, reg docs are unfamiliar with this stuff. Forget “normal ranges” everybody’s different, I went to an Anti-Aging collegue of mine named Douglas awile back and his levels were over 1000 normally at like 40 years old, the guy was ripped and looked 25, he told me he was writing a book on Anti-Aging medicine. HCG is probably a better bet for guys in their 30’s or 40’s because it increases your own production of Test, so no testicular shrinkage. Over 50 generally will require test replacement.


What is HCG Pepper?

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Originally Posted by wantsmore
What is HCG Pepper?

Human chorionic gonaditropin (HCG) is a molecular mimic of the hormone (LH) Leutinizing Hormone which the pitutary gland uses to tell the testes to produce Testosterone. So HCG tells the testes to make more testosterone bypassing the pitutary altogether. But remember the testes still have to be capable of producing test or else it wont work, thats why guys over 45 or 50 need actual test replacement because the testes simply arent capable anymore of producing youthful levels of test. HCG is a prescription, so see an anti-aging doc.


So, did anyone in this thread get started with HRT or alternative treatments? HCG?

Canwood, I feel for you man. 30 years old and having to deal with that crap. Yeah, all the Doc are going to tell you, you are in normal range.So,they probably will not prescribe testosterone. I’m curious as to how often you work out and for the length of time? If it’s every day plus cardio.You may want to consider cutting back. Working out is catabolic.It increases cortisol .The longer you work out, the higher the cortisol goes up.That suppresses testosterone. You may not be able to get a script for test but you may be able to get one for Clomid. Here is some non basic information on it.It has the potential to raise test.It also blocks E I believe? It’s tricky stuff playing with hormones but a Doc will probably have no legal problems giving this? And, may just say yes to get you out of his hair! Http://

Personally, I would avoid the pro hormones. But, it’s your life man!

Also, moderate drinking may in fact raise testosterone.It also can have pro effects on erection.


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