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NO2 users...

NO2 users...

I have bad reactions to too much L-Arginine, such as mild herpes breakouts. I take L-Lysine supps about twice a week to counter the effects of nuts, protein and such.

Does anyone know if the NO2 has the same effect as regular L-A in this respect?



Hugh: I take enormous quantities of NOX2 up to nine 3000 mg tabs a day the five days I do PE. I also take it with large doses of yohimbe, 1000 IUs of E a multi and B-complex and Lysine and Mag. Cal and Zinc before bed, but I have never had any ill effects from this combination of supps other than the yohimbine gives me the runs. But for me a loose stool is a small price to pay for the great PE workouts I’m having. However, I’m not a doctor, nor am I suggesting this for you. Maybe you are having some type of allergic reaction to Arginine, and if you can’t take Arginine without side effects, I’m sure the NOX2 will be even worse, because it is just a more concentrated form of the Amino acid, salts of Arginine. Maybe Luv or one of our resident medical people will chime in with advice.


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I’m no doctor either but NOX2/NO2 is a more concentraded form. I have read about others in weight lifting forums having problems with their herpes breaking out with this form of L-Arginine.

Thanks for the replies. This answers my question.


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