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NO2 or NOS Precursor-Anyone Tried Them

NO2 or NOS Precursor-Anyone Tried Them

I recently purchased some NO2 (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, A-AKG). It is supposed to cause muscular growth enhancement by working as a growth enhancing hemodilator. More O2 is the theory behind it. It claims many good potential benefits. I bought it for quicker recovery in my PE workout routine. I also saw a product called NOS precursor sold on the net. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of these supplements? Thanks for any input.

What's the diff?

NO = Nitric oxide, a helpful gas
NO2 = Nitrogen dioxide, a harmful gas
N2O = Nitrous oxide, the anesthetic gas and race car power booster

Are you sure you want to buy stuff from people who don’t know the difference?

This is a pill. Not a gas for dentist office fun. The product name is NO2. The product is a form of arginine.

I have no experience with this stuff but I remember hearing good things when it first came out. I can’t say I’ve heard anything at all since. It strikes me as a supplement that works but not so well as to justify its price. Unless the price went down a lot. If you do take it just drink a lot of water.

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Originally posted by bigone0749

This is a pill. Not a gas for dentist office fun. The product name is NO2. The product is a form of arginine.

Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize it was a brand name and not a scientific notation. Nitric oxide (NO) is important in getting and maintaining erections. I was temporarily confused about what the product is supposed to do.

West La you know a lot about science. I appreciate your posts.

Now this is weird. I was just at GNC getting some stuff and they had a special on a book called: NO2 the 21 day Transformation, by a guy named Edward A. Byrd, “Mr. Creatine”, and so for a buck I bought it. So far mostly about heavy bodybuilding. The theory is that the NO2 generates and sustains levels of nitric oxide in the human skeletal muscles. Supposedly, increases the delivery of oxygen and glucose needed for building up the body muscles. I didn’t see anything usefull for PE, but seems good for muscles.

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I hope it will grow my dick muscles some and or make my recovery time quicker. .I am using my dick pump with lower pressure for longer periods and jelquing for shorter periods….growing is the goal…more O2 can’t hurt.

Glad someone brought this up. Since I first these supplements awhile back I’ve wondered if the vasodilation effect they are suppose to have would help for PE sessions (jelqing, squeezes, etc) and post PE recovery since the vasodilation effect is suppose to allow more blood flow. Don’t know if any of the theory behind these suppements can be applied toward penis anatomy. Maybe all it will do is give better erections or better flaccid size???


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