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NO Xplode Warning


NO Xplode Warning

Hey guys,

This may not be the right place for this, it probably should be in the supplement section, but I don’t believe I have enough posts to post elsewhere. Moderators, please move it if necessary. Anyway, I wanted to advise you of what may have been my reaction to NO Xplode because I see guys talking about it on various threads.

Two weeks ago Tuesday, I took a dose of it prior to doing my PE. Started feeling ill at work around 4 pm, my kidney area was a bit achy and my stomach just felt bloated. I assumed that I was coming down with food poison or from eating pasta that was 2 days old. Went home and hit another dose. Woke up in the night was a fever and back pain in my kidney area. Figured it was food poisoning, stayed home and tried to let it run it’s course. My fever broke Thursday night, wake up Friday, kidneys just as achy with a slight burning sensation. Go to take the morning pee, it looked like someone poured a can of Coke into my toilet. This wasn’t the usual morning dark urine, it was really dark. I jump on the Internet, seems like I was pissing blood and it was probably a urinary tract infection. Tried dosing it out with cranberry juice, but the ache just kept getting worse. Coming from a family of diabetics, some on dialysis, I’m really concerned with any kidney pain.

Go to the hospital around 7 p.m. Based on what I was saying and my physique, the doctor was convinced I had hurt myself weight lifting. Anyway, about 10 p.m. He comes running in and tells me I have hepatitis, my liver function is elevated and the stuff in my urine isn’t blood, it’s bilirubin, a digestive enzyme used to digest fats. You should have zero bilirubin in your blood. They wanted to keep me overnight to monitor me because of how elevated my liver function was. They also needed to figure out if it as hepatitis A, B, or C, C being the STD. Needless to say, this was a sleepness night hoping that it was from an undercooked slab of tuna and not from the last chick I hooked up with.

Twelve hours later, 3 IV bags, while peeing brown liquid every 2 hours from the IV, having the squats in a public hospital restroom, 5 blood draws and my kidneys stilling aching, the nurse tells me the good thing is, it’s not viral hepatitis, the bad news is, they don’t know what is causing it. I get discharged with instructions to come back to the doctor’s office on Wednesday for a follow up blood test. Now I’m just as freaked because that means 3 possible things, a gall stone, cirrhosis or liver cancer. My kidneys were still aching that Sunday. I had tossed the NO Xplode when I got home on Saturday. I ate some chowder and the pain went away about an hour later. Then it came back. I thought the the milk the in the chowder, and decided to take a look at the label for the NO Xplode online.

Turns out the stuff based on the dose it said to take was 4000% of the daily RDA for vitamin B12. Digging around a bit more, it seems that B12 is composed of cobalt. Cobalt poisoning results in overproduction of red blood cells. The liver destroys old red blood cells to make bilirubin. So my thinking is that the B12 in the NO Xplode made my body go insane and over produce red blood cells which my liver was trying to get rid of. I was worried about the effect of my kidneys, so I decided to eat as much fat as a could because of what the emergency room doctor said about bilirubin being used to digest fat. That totally helped, and if I went too long between fat meals, I could feel the ache come back. Went for the blood test last Wednesday, the doctor still hasn’t returned my calls with the results, so I can’t even run my theory by him. My urine was still getting dark and my kidneys would hurt up until Saturday unless I kept eating fat. Today is 12 days since I last took it and I finally feel like my strength is beginning to come back.

I could be completely wrong and it wasn’t the NO Xplode, but I want you guys to be aware of this, and the fact that it contains an incredibly high amount of vitamin B12. I will call the doctor office again tomorrow for the 4th time and see if they have my blood test results.

I have taken NO Xplode on and off for years, as well as several other NO products in different cycles. I also take a daily vitamin that contains 100% of DV for b12. The NO product I take now has more B12 in it than NOxplode and I have never had this problem, nor have I ever heard of it after years of reading the forums at

Haha that’s funny, I just bought some off of yesterday.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read my post and respond. I do appreciate the feedback because like I said, I’m not sure what actually caused it. Maybe I’m just allergic to it, or maybe it was something else entirely, but I have no idea what that would be. Watching my dick spew like a Pepsi fountain for a week wasn’t funny at the time Random, but hey, long as I’m recovering, I can smile about it now.

: )

I just wanted to get it out there in case anyone else took it and started noticing weird stuff too.

Sorry, didn’t mean that your story was funny, just the coincidence. Get better!

No worries Random, thanks for the clarification and the get better wish. I wasn’t trying to give you a hard time. My cousin who took me to the hospital has been laughing at me since I found out it wasn’t hepatitis, I have a pretty good sense of humor about myself, hell I’m a member of penis pulling forum as some of the guys here say. I’ve been eating tablespoons of mayonnaise for a week, that’s funny. Have you ever tried eating mayonnaise by itself? It’s frigging disgusting.

: )

Anyway, careful with that stuff. If all is well when you use it few times, or not, it would be great if you bumped this thread.

Another thing, I took N.O. Explode and it very small letters is a warning about being produced on the same line as peanuts and fish. Kind of important if you are allergic to these. I can’t eat fish, had a uncomfortable reaction. I guess bottom line for me is stick to the basics and just eat healthy.

Wow bro that sucks I hope you feel better but you may never find what it was but I would pass on N.O Explode in the future:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I hope everything turns out well, regardless of the cause.

I doubt your B-12 theory is correct. A few doses of 40x the RDA aren’t likely to produce a noticeable physical effect (niacin being a B family exception), much less any damage. Loading up on fat soluble vitamins (A and E are two examples) over a long enough time can cause trouble.

I hope you keep after the docs to pin down a diagnosis. Please post your test results and also the lab’s reference ranges when you get them.

Hey guys, thanks for the responses and kind words. Sparkyz, the red blood cell thing is definitely me grasping to the hope that it isn’t something worse.

I will stay away from that product for sure. Griff, I don’t think I have nut or fish allergies, I eat them all the time, but thanks for pointing that out, I will keep it in mind in case those were the triggers and not the NO Xplode.

I did hear from the doctor 2 days ago, of course he calls when I’m out to dinner in a restaurant and my B12 theory slipped my mind. The bilirubin count from the first test was 3300 parts, from the test 5 days later it was at 196 parts. Since it’s supposed to be zero, I will go in for one more test early next week.

Scary, good luck with your recovery

Man, that’s a bummer. Hope you get better.

I just bought MUSCLETECH’s naNOx9 right when it came out in January. The label starts you out at a low dose but tells you to drink 10 glasses of water a day. I get great pumps when working out, and I notice an increase in girth when I clamp or jelq. The stuff is not cheap but MUSCLETECHs products have always worked good for me. I was also using LEUKIC, and had great strength gains (lifting).

I have been reading a lot of posts about nitric oxide, and in the few months I have used it I have had no problems. I will say I was at least drinking 1-2 glasses of water with the pills. I am sure it is to flush the kidneys.

Interesting about the achy kidneys and dark piss— I occasionally experience the same on more than 5*1gr— I never thought to connect the two.

Thanks for the flash.

Just an update, new blood test came back clean. Doctor still has no ideas. Ran my thoughts on the B12 by him, he discounted it. Thanks again to everyone for your get better wishes.


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