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This is related to Propecia so I did a search and found most posts regarding Propecia in the Supplements section so I hope this post is relevant in this section.

I started taking Propecia in 2004 because I thought I had started to recede but when I looked closer I could see it just appeared that way because my hair was greying so I stopped the Propecia.

I also started using Nizoral shampoo in 2004(containing Ketakonazole 20 mg/g), I wash my hair every 2 days and use Nizoral every second time so I use it every 4 days.
The problem is it really dries my hair out even when I apply a conditioner afterwards. I would like to stop using it.

My question is, if I have not started to lose my hair yet is it worth me carrying on using Nizoral?
Is it an effective prophylactic?

I use Nizoral because it helps me keep my hair if I wasn’t using it for hair lost and didn’t have dandruff I couldn’t see any reason for using it. I like it as a shampoo but it’s 15 bucks a bottle:)

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Nizoral is good.

The REALLY good stuff is by prescription only as it is 2%.

As far as dry scalp goes - use a hot oil treatment and only use the shampoo 2-3 times per week, letting it stay on for at least 5 minutes

nizoral is the best stuff on the market by far

I highly recommend it!

I use biotin as a hypoglycemic and to keep my hair from falling out. It does not replace it you need inositol for that and I can’t seem to find inositol.

But 5-10mg of biotin makes my hair stronger. And I don’t have to worry about growing breast or getting Andropause from it.

Saw Palmetto blocks DHT and that may prolong losing your hair a bit.

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Originally Posted by newguy01
Nizoral is good.

The REALLY good stuff is by prescription only as it is 2%.

I drive up to Canada (a country north of here) and buy the 2% Nizoral over the counter. Back in March I bought a two-bottle pack at a Costco in Vancouver for what I recall was $15CD.

I’ve also bought the 2% Nizoral from Canada online. There are lots of sources:…+shampoo+canada

I think it helps a lot for keeping what hair I have. Aside from scalp massage and good nutrition, Nizoral is about all I’m consistently doing now to slow hair loss. I look at pics of my three older brothers when they were around my age and they all had quite a bit less on their noggins.

Thanks guys for the responses.

Yes it is expensive but lasts a long time, only need to use a small amount and I leave it on for 10 minutes whilst in the shower.

As you all seem to think it is beneficial in keeping what hair we already have I will carry on using it every 4 days.

You can order the 2% from most online pharmacies as well

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Order the 2% from a Canadian Pharmacy. I wouldn’t stop using it unless you’re certain you don’t have hairloss. Nizoral is very good at stopping hairloss.

Try the lasercomb man, been working wonders for me.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isnt Nizoral an anti-dandruff shampoo?

Originally Posted by danb1875

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isnt Nizoral an anti-dandruff shampoo?

Yes but its been said to help hairloss a little bit, it gives you a clean healthy scalp. But I thinks its only usefull as part of treatments, you need other things like fin and rogaine foam or something.

Ike, thanks for the link, lots of good info there. :)

I did a Google search and came up with this, . Has anyone had experience with this online shop? If not which ones did you use? Anyway I decided to get a 120 ml bottle for $11.99. I’ll post and let everyone know if it comes. Hope so, the site looks legit. The shipping was $9.99, does it usually cost this much?

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