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Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide

I was considering taking Nitric Oxide supplements as I read they are good for muscle growth , I’m hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone, as I’m trying to bulk and am hitting the gym 4 times a week. Any suggestions on which are any good and have little side effects?

Looking forward to your suggestions.

I take nitric oxide pills for the gym and they give me a really good muscle pump, blood flow is increased noticeably.

If it’s for PE exclusively I would not bother.

Gaspari nutrition’s superpump250 is a very good choice, if your not too concerned about budget.

Thanks newbPE .. One more thing is there any point in taking any if I am already taking creatine.

I took NO for the gym and hated it, I would get light headed during long sets such as dips.. Nonetheless it did make me really phsyced to lift and it did give me huge pumps some days.. I heard you can get rock hard wood from it I’m guessing from the increase blood flow but I didnt take the NO long enough to see for myself.. Oh yea and make sure theres no caffeine in it because that may hinder your PE.

Don’t use the pre-workout nitric oxide. Use one you take daily.

1. BSN’s Nitrix
2. NO2 Black
3. Plasma Jet

Those are three good ones in no particular order. Although I will say, working at GNC, I’ve heard A LOT of good reviews on the Plasma Jet by Gaspari Nutrition.

I thought creatine and NO was a good combo for the gym.

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I get AAKG powder from - 500g for $25.00

AAKG (L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) is the active ingredient in those NO products.

I take 3g twice a day.…lutarate-Powder

Cool.. Guess ill get some 2morrow.. Thanks everyone for posting

NO2 Black is basically AAKG and whey peptide factions(I believe)

I think that is for a faster delivery.

But that powder from vitacost is a lot cheaper.

And yes, Creatine is good to take along with NO.

I’ve been weight lifting close to 2 years..

I have honestly found the best results from this:

Training Hard
Sleeping atleast 7 hours every night
Eating Right (No Soda/Candy/FastFood/JunkFood)

But I’m currently taking: Multivitamin, Glutamine, Protein, Flax Seed Oil (Gets you ripped)

Age - 18 * Hobbie - Weight Lifting / PE

Current Stats: Goal Stats For Now:

BPEL = 6.5" BPEG = 4.75" BPEL = 7" BPEG = 5.5"

Careful. Nitric oxide is active in the nervous system; please don’t overdose…

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