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newbie with androgel/jelq /tongkat

newbie with androgel/jelq /tongkat

ok probably like many here i spent my first few days upon learning of this site and these methods glued to my screen (fortunately i had some extra time) . I have several questions if you would all be so kind…
first the situation…
im 30 years old and am experiencing ED. i have a fairly large peice for my size.
i can remember days that is was bigger and thicker and harder and it wasnt even big enough to satisfy me then. When i can perform i seem to ejaculate very quickly. None of which were problems until graduallly this paqst few years.
So, in order, my focus is to increase my diminishing sex drive and re-achive full erections,add to my girth as it has always been disproportionately long/thin, and finally capping it off with another 1.5 in to create the titan that i imagine it being in my mind.
after attempting the pump and finding it to be temporary, and months of contemplating many products(so many),rmy fear of becoming dependant on erection encancers such as viagra, stamina rx, etc…has brought me to these 3 items

tongat ali-100/1=80 mg tabs
andro gel-30 packets-1%
powerjelq device

my question are these:
are these good choices?
how should these product be used, in what combinations,cycles, dosages? for safe and maximum results
is the effects of androgel permanant and is it safe to begin with it immed.

i hope this isnt too long and i welcome any additional comments

thank you very much

Okay first of all welcome to the forum.
Next I use the androgel at about 20% of the packet 2-3 times a week, I place it on the abdomen and not on the dick. It is very expensive to buy off of the Internet about $300 for 30 packs. I also bought a PJ and use it regularly. I sincerely think it has contributed to my 3/4” gain inthe past couple of months as well as a maxextender. I use the PJ and Horse440’s for girth and have gained 1/4” in about two months. I ordered a Penimaster about 3 weeks ago but havent received it yet.

I vary my routine often but I do what I have the time to squeeze in on a daily basis. I never plan for days off but they still happen every week because of a varied and fucked up schedule, business, family, working out, blah, blah, blah. I think days off are very important for healing and cementing gains.

Let me know if I can help with anything. Good luck


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

thank you
did you start using the andro when you began your exersizes?
do you think the results will remain
why do you not apply to penis as so many on this forum do?
and how do you cycle?
what exactly are horse 440s, can you explain or refer me to an instructional link?
and what order are you doing these in ???(i believe its horse 440s which are a stretch(i think) 1st, then jelq, then apply andro…but im not sure if this is correct

thanks for your help

Nazz…where did you get your androgel? online or your doctor?

Androgel is testosterone and meant to supplement men with low testosterone. If your levels are normal and you are supplementing you can cause your testes to stop production of your natural supply.

So you would want to cycle Androgel the way someone would cycle steriods. Several weeks on and then several weeks off.

Additionally, using a testosterone supplement will decrease your loads and your sperm production.

As far as it contributing to PE, I don’t know if I buy that, but the guys on here who have tried it would be better at explaining that and it sounds like you’ve done your research on that part.

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