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New Routine

New Routine

Hello my friends.

I have decided to start taking supplements to improve my sex, PE, fitness, weight-loss and general health.

After reading through the threads here I have compiled a list of supplements I want to start on. I will probably purchase everything later this week. Until then, please give me a critique of my list. I currently am a big lazy fatass (6.0”, 210 lbs, not much muscle mass to speak of), but I will be staring a workout routine and an improved diet.

Here is the daily list:

Green Tea (4 Bags)
Vitamin “C”
L-Arginine (3000 mg)
Horny Goat Weed (2 g)

I’m not too sure about all the dosage levels, the ones I have written down I learned here. Are these too many supplements to take at one time? Also, are there any particularly important things I need to do while taking these supplements?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I don’t know if that’s too much at once, but where are you going to buy that? If it’s in a pharmacy you could always ask there, they will certainly know. And maybe you can buy all, or at least most, of these products in just 1 (combined) product. I went to the pharmacy and asked for Guarana and Ginseng, but they just gave me a combined product with several ingredients called Vitalité 4G (I don’t know if they sell that in the US).

One ampule/capsule of 10ml contains:
- 2000 mg Ginseng
- 200 mg Gelée Royale/Royal Jelly
- 700 mg Guarana
- 600 mg Ginger
- 240 mg Acérola

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Hmm maybe not but I do know it only takes 1 green tea bag to make a whole pot. Not real strong nor weak but if you leave in 5 mins or better than a lil stronger which is better. Maybe lesson the tea bags down to 1 or 2 unless of course you drink more than a pot of tea a day or like yours extremely strong? You may know more about green tea than me? Take care God Bless and good luck with everything!

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