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new..need some tips from the pros

new..need some tips from the pros

Hi, I usually hang out in the newbie forum every so often, but since I do seem to be gaining a bit I was wondering what pills I should use to get a bit of a boost in the length department. I’ve heard of pills, creams and diets. All I want to know, since most of you guys are pros anyway to begin with. Is which pill or cream is the best without the sideffects of course (would be weird having a shaft as thin as a pencil and a head as big as a fist)

Cheapest, most effective thing to do would probably be to go to your local drug store or even grocery store and get 1000mg tablets/caplets of L-Arginine. Or, if you can bear the taste you can get like 454 grams of it in powder form online for less. Take around 2000 to 3000mg a day you’ll get the effects that most pill makers can give you.

Enzyte is cheap for a one month supply, only the $4.50 for shipping. Just remember a couple days later to go to to cancel their re-shipment so you don’t have to pay for any after that.

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so that arginine stuff increases your erection length. or just flaccid?. and how long would it take to see results?

also i heard about something called extenze or extends.. that claims to make your penis 25% bigger.. i’m considering doing something to increase my length. like hanging.. or jelqing. is taking pills easier?

Pills can increase blood flow to the penis, thus it could make PE more effective. Pills alone don’t work. PE alone works!

Save your money and spend it on lots of vegetables (not carrots) and low fructose fruits, like lemons, limes, grapefuits (i.e freshly home squeezed citrus juice, diluted with water), strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, plums and peaches. A diet richly filled with such powerful natural form vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will give you exceptional health, including sexual health. It will give you more energy and vigor each day and better capabilities to grow and recover from workouts and PE. Ofcourse, not forgeting that you will live a hell of a lot longer.

Spend your money on the best quality, natural nutrition. If you have extra money left over afterwards and you still want something else, buy supplements, but quality, natural nutrition should always be where your money goes first.

For a better flaccid hang, drink 4-8 liters of water per day.

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