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New form of Chemical PE

New form of Chemical PE

I searched and could not find anything with “gel”, so if this has been posted before, excuse the duplication:

Apparently, the trimix formula now comes in a gel, making the injections unnecessary.


That sounds interesting . I wonder if it’s already available here in Europe ? It will be so much easier to lubricate the gel on the penis then inject but I had read on the site that the effect will be one our erection , so for PE you have to get at least 2 or 3 ours erection to get gains , right ?

Thanks freedman to let us know .

My only knowledge of chemical PE is what I’ve learned at Thunder’s, so I would say yes, you would need enough to maintain for a couple hours.

But that should just be a question of supply, that’s all.

I wonder what this stuff costs?


Where is stagestop when you need him?

Originally Posted by freedman
My only knowledge of chemical PE is what I’ve learned at Thunder’s, so I would say yes, you would need enough to maintain for a couple hours.

But that should just be a question of supply, that’s all.

I wonder what this stuff costs?

US $185 with no indication of how many uses you get. That is two and a half times what injectible Tri-mix costs. My pharmacist (who hasn’t heard of it yet) suggests that it is likely applied into the urethra and if so may be painful, depending on the acidity of the formulation.



Originally Posted by Kirin

Where is stagestop when you need him?

Just like the cops, I was at the dougnut shop enjoying life.

This is kind of an interesting item, but I think that it is premature at the moment. As I look at the ad, it seems that what they are selling is simply a carrier and not a compounded pharmaceutical. The reason for saying this is that they mention that the mix must be prepared by a compounding pharmacy. The compounding pharmacy already has all of the ingredients of a tri mix. The ad mentions that PGE-1 is included in their formulation (?) or at least it could be a component in the transdermal mix.

The good points that I see here are:
1. No injections, and that is a big plus, as there are tons of men that fear injections.
2. A trans dermal would have to penetrate the tunica to get into the CC where it would react. This would seem to be helpful in allowing for remodeling of the tunica much more easily than having to go through the CC and out to the tunica as would be the case for injected items.

The negatives seem to be challenging though. The first item that would be a challenge would be in regulating the dosage. In an injection, the amount of components in the mix is set by the physician. The dosage is accurately measured in the syringe, and all of it is injected into the CC. With experience, the person injecting can determine how long he wants to be erect through experience.

In the case of a transdermal, most of the active ingredients in transdermals to not make it through the skin. In things like adrenal hormones, where the need for precision on the dosage is not all that critical, this is not an issue. As an example, with a testosterone transdermal, some people get 20 mg twice a day in their compound. However, only about 10% or so makes it through the skin, yielding about 4 mg a day.

With PGE-1 the dosage starts at 1 MCG, or 1/4000 of the dosage listed above for testosterone. PGE-1 is VERY powerful, and is given in VERY SMALL Dosages. With the variability of transdermal medications making it through the skin, this has the potential for a lot of trouble (read this as priapism big time).

Comparing this to what Caverject offers may shed some light on the dosage issue. Caveject, which is pure PGE-1 comes in a “kit” which contains a syringe that has a mixing chamber in the syringe. The kits come in 20 and 40 mcg strength. Both kits are adjustable in 5 mcg points by use of the dosing restrictions in the barrel of the syringe. The barrel is rotated until the correct dosage comes up. Depressing the top of the syringe caused the liquid to be ejected. The plunger can only go down so far, as set by the dosing gauge, which then stops the syringe from allowing more solution to be ejected.

The point that is important here is that for men with ED, dosing starts with 5 mcg. For an 18 year old male that does not have ED, ONE mcg may be sufficient to give him quite a long lasting erection.

The next point would be the question of penetration into the CC. PGE-1 that remains in the skin will not do anything. I don’t know what PGE-1 in the tunica would do. I am guessing that it would not do anything, but then as I only have one penis, I think a little reassurance would be in order here. For the PGE-1 to give a person an erection, it has to make it into the CC. With two different layers of the body to get through, titrating a dosage would seem to be a problem.

Next, compounding pharmacies already have base transdermal cremes. If the pharmacy wanted to make up a transdermal mix with PGE-1 in it, they can do that now. Obviously, they don’t do it if for no other reason than no physician is prescribing it. Which brings me to my last comment:

The documentation on the physicians side is about as light as I have ever seen. There is no research to indicate that this method would be appropriate for anyone. Comparing this to the voluminous research on the individual components in the standard ED injectable items, it shows that they manufacturer has done no homework at all.

My conclusion is that I would be hesitant about using this product based upon their current claims, and lack of testing of the product.

I got my urologist to prescribe Tri-mix injectable. I had it filled at an area compounding pharmacy and I paid $45.00. Not sure of the amounts in the little bottle, but I get probably 20 injections from it. I had a bad experience with a priapism back a couple of years ago when I believe it interacted with viagra from the day before. I started out with injections from Boston Medical and was totally ripped off by them. I paid 10 times what it could be bought for at a compounding pharmacy. Live and learn I suppose. Learn lots on this site for sure!

Finding the right dose for you will need your doctor’s cooperation. He had me come in to the office in the morning and taught me how to inject and said come on back if it didn’t go down in a couple of hours. Actually, the mix always lasts 2-4 hours on me. It can become painful if I go to 4 hours. I walk, run in place or exercise some and it goes down. Priapism is a serious medical problem and could cause a permanent injury. It is easy to have sex 3-4 times for as long as you and your partner want to go at it. My girlfriend and I would do late Saturday afternoon. It is very difficult for me to cum during the first hour or so after injection. I actually get so hard with it that my dick isn’t as thick as it normally would be when I am not fully hard. I get like a rock dick. After an hour or so I get thicker. Not sure why that happens. If I put on a very light rubber cockring I get huge. The beauty of it is that you can have a long play time of oral, vaginal and when she lets me she takes it up the ass all in one round of fun. Of course my erection doesn’t go down so she is likely to get it standing up making dinner in the kitchen as well or bending over the breakfast nook. We play all over the house. We have had so much sex on this mix that we get somewhat raw and can’t have sex for a couple of days while we both heal up from our soreness. Normally use the mix only once a week, but have injected mid week also. Tri-mix is not for most guys due to the injecting and getting the right dose. If you get it right, it is incredible just having a rock dick for sex and the joy of looking at it.

As far as soreness is concerned, use one of those Aloe Vera based lotions used for burns as lube right before you call it a day. It kinda feels minty and strange but the burn from the friction goes away pretty quick and you two should be good to go the next day.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

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