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Negative to PE?

Negative to PE?

I searched and was unable to find any info on thermogenics. When I use a thermogenic/stimulate before I work, out enough to get a good boost, & have noticed substantial shrinkage. I guess first is that normal, and next if anyone thought this might effect the overall results of PE due to the obvious lack of blood flow below. Just in case I have used a wrap firm enough to stay plump but not to restrict circulation or cause discomfort, do you think this is worthwhile solution. Just curious, plus i’ve been wanting to post something but so far I’ve been able to research and find all the answers to my questions. Thanks for the help!

Welcome !!

Hey Mrlojo,

That is a good thing, that you actually found answers by yourself. :) I wish more of the other new guys would read a little more first. Not that they shouldn’t post, but they will get a better understanding of the issue if they do the research and come up with their own answers.

I mean, hell if they want to post that bad, post a hello or a brief note about their PE experiences or something. You would be surprised how many guys respond to a simple “hello, I’m new here” message.

As far as your question goes, I’ll let some of the guys with experience in that area give you their opinions. Good luck with your gains!!

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Thermogenics bad.

Not going to do anything for you in terms of PE…or any other aspect of physical fitness. Diuretic effects, bleeding the system of nutrients, and yeah, the stuff can be a bit addictive. Not like a smoking thing either, but a rather ambiguous “I just don’t feel right” type of feeling which goes away when you take a pill or two. ECA in general is a temporary weight loss approach and most folks who use them to that end gain weight once their metabolism goes back to normal. Not TV shit here, but real life observation of those who lost alot and spent a shitload of money on the herbal miracles, which BTW can be concocted at a fraction of the price by visiting any gas station. Best advice I can give is not to use them. groa

Thanks for the response, you answered my question & I appreciate the advice.

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