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Natural supplement stacking

Natural supplement stacking

Every time I think of people talking about “stacking supplements” I get idea’s of yellow eyes, ruined kidney’s, ghost skin, fatigue and anger issues. There’s just so many horror stories (especially from weight lost supplements) that make me think twice about doing it. I’m looking for better blood flow, protein synthesis, vascularity and of course better sex/cum loads.

Another problem is that these supplements affects you different and or cancels each other depending on if you take it morning/night and if you take it together/separate. Confused?

Thinking about taking:

L-Argentine- 1000 mg

Gingko biloba -120mg

Yohimbe- 300-600 mg?

Pygeum- 500-1000 mg?

Perhaps zinc but I don’t know a true healthy dosage.

Once in the morning and that’s it. Or perhaps at night? Don’t have to much experience with supplements and I feel following directions on the carton (taking 3-4 times throughout the day) seems a bit to much.

Any advice?

Sex, money, and jellybeans

Honestly? I think it’s a waste of money, especially if you’re to take all of those together, and without knowing how each one effects you. I say you choose 1, maybe 2 and see how they effect you. Wait at least a month or two before trying out more supplements, and by the end, stick with only 1 or 2 that work the best for you. You should wait at least a month because some supplements take a while for the effects to show up. With l-arginine, you want to work your work up because it causes upset stomachs and other side effects.

Personally, I’ve tried L-arginine (I think that’s what you mean by l-Argetine), gingko biloba, and zinc. Neither work, but I stick with zinc because your body needs it and I don’t believe I get quite enough of it in my diet. L-arginine tends to work the best out of this list (other than yohimbe), so I’d try that first. Gingko also works for some people, but definitely less than half from what I’ve read. The rest I haven’t tried, but be careful with Yohimbe is it has a couple negative side effects such as increased blood pressure, although it does also give the best results.

Starting stats: NBPEL:6.5 | MSEG:5.25 (around 3/1/2010)

Current stats: NBPEL:6.5 | MSEG:5.25 (around 3/1/2010)

Short-term goals NBPEL:7.25| MSEG: 5.65


I would second that. But a friend of mine told me about swanson and it’s beyond dirt cheap. I even research them and they are rated highly. If not, I probably wouldn’t spend 10-30 dollars per supplement which is average at stores.

I’ve tried ginkgo biloba before and it made a heavy volume increase in my cum load. As for L-arginine I’ve tried it on and off and it seem to have no effect. Perhaps I need to take it longer more consistently.

From Swanson I’ve already bought all 5 supplements for a total of 21 dollars. (S/h included)

A bottle of twin-labs yohimbe was 24.99 at retail!

Sex, money, and jellybeans

Hmm sometimes getting it cheap isn’t the best option. I don’t remember exactly what, I’m sure you can find it in a minute by searching, but Ginkgo needs to have a certain % of something for it to be most effective, I believe 6? And for L-arginine a lot of people take AAKG or another form, which gets absorbed faster and works better. Can’t think of the names since I stopped researching supplements long ago. Have you looked into this, making sure you get the right specifications?

Edit- For l-arginine you want to get either AAKG or AEE
For Ginkgo it should be 24% extract, 6% Terpene Lactones

Starting stats: NBPEL:6.5 | MSEG:5.25 (around 3/1/2010)

Current stats: NBPEL:6.5 | MSEG:5.25 (around 3/1/2010)

Short-term goals NBPEL:7.25| MSEG: 5.65

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Yes I just checked,

Everything seems to be correct to those numbers.

Something interesting I found out,

I decided to take an extra 1000mg L arginine before working out, and it gave me a great boost to power through it without to much pain. I even up the weights and sets to 4 from 3. Not to bad.

Sex, money, and jellybeans

I’m thinking,

Mixing all these “natural” supplement still must have a negative impact on your liver no? I’ve seen shows that bodybuilding and fitness moguls taking 10-20 different pills every morning and I can’t seem to think that could possibly be ok?

Another thing I’ve notice is that brand GNC multi-vitamin pack. It seems quite a bit outrageous taking 5-8 pills everyday. Is this just me, or it’s acceptable and your body could actually handle this without damage.

Also thinking about taking fish oil (seems to be the most harmless out of all the supplements)

Sex, money, and jellybeans

Daily, I take gingko, ginseng, garlic, and zinc. Not sure if they do anything, but I am diabetic and have ED so anything that improves circulation is a bonus. No unusual side effects. However, if I anticipate sex, I also take 7 gr of l-arginine ethyl ester dissolved in a glass of green tea and a Maxidus pill (includes 154 mg of tonkat ali along with several other herbal supplements) three hours in advance and I am normally good to go without my usual 50 mg of Viagra.

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