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Natural erection enhancers few noob Q's

Natural erection enhancers few noob Q's

Ok so here is the short of pun intended

Have mostly recovered from a chronic illness but still have problems with my energy levels and getting rock hard .particularly staying hard after about 20 minutes+ of sex

Take some V sometimes but it’s so damn expensive.and effects seem to wear off quickly .do people like cialis better? Can get my Dr to maybe give me some of that

Anyone in Aus know if it’s possible to get this stuff without having to go back to my GP regularly?
Mail order or whatever..

Secondly smoke a few cigs a day.I know not good .anyone found giving up has helped their erection quality?

Finally anyone had success with natural products?particularly interested in Arginine but have read somewhere it shouldn’t be used with Viagra as V has effects on Nitric Oxide levels etc etc

Have tried Trib and such but have a very poor tolerance for medicines/herbs which is why also looking for less dependance on the V for good wood as can make me feel a little bit ill afterwards

Also looking for some more size too!!
My GF was with a guy who was quite well endowed for 8 years and although she doesnt say it am having problems measuring up not to mention all of the above and I know she is somewhat frustrated..

Cheers all

At the suggestion of others I picked up some Gingko biloba, and I must say that after only a few weeks, my erections seem much more frequent and intense.

I take 60 mg twice a day

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

A few things that could help you out
1. Stop smoking. Smoking constricts your blood vessels and reduces semen volume.
2. Get your body some exercise for atleast 30 mins each day 3-5 times a week. Gym, cycling or just chasing kangaroo will do.
3. Drink plenty of fluids. I don’t suggest Pepsi, coke or any carbonated drinks. Plain water should be better. Try drinking atleast 4 liters of water each day for a minimum of 3 days. This will restore your PH balance and improve metabolic activity.
4. Since you are a smoker , there will be a lot of vitamin & mineral depletion in your body. So please take some vitamin and mineral capsules.
5. At bed time(apart from your regular meal) , Eat nuts like peanuts or walnuts as these contain Arginine . Should give you morning wood.
6. Should not be using Viagra unless you suffer from diagnosed erectile dysfunction > Tribulus is good and safe too. Since it’s natural , it may take a while to work on some people.
7. Also should not be using both Viagra and Arginine together as both are vascodilators. Please consult a doctor if you wish to use them together.
8. Using arginine is next best to Viagra. 2-5 gms of it , well distributed oer the day should help you lots. Please consult a Doctor while using Arginine in case you suffer from heart ailments.
9. Most importantly, do the PE routine regularly. It will help you immensely. Post here on the forum. There are a lot of helpful people who will guide you through.
10. Talk to your GF. Communicating in ways the others can understand you often solves most problems.
11. Try Some yoga or meditation to calm your mind and Relax.

Good Luck

Gingko biloba really works. You should give it a try.

I haven’t been doing much exercise during the last few months due to an irregular lifestyle and have noticed that it is more difficult to get hard.
I have found some natural solutions that work almost as well as penis pills for getting a “rigid ramrod” though.

- 1-2 glasses of alcohol (more will desensitize)

- Crystallized ginger pieces

- Gingko Biloba tea, Ginseng tea, tisanes aimed at increasing circulation in women’s legs and tisanes including ginger
(Try to avoid ones including black tea)

- Hot & Spicy food

- Avoid fatty food, I have real difficulty getting it up after eating at McDonalds for example.

- Coffee is OK after consumption but when the effects wear off around 4 hours after, sometimes it can be impossible to get it up.(I think that it is due to a fatigued heart and low blood pressure)

- Edging 3 or more times will keep you up for hours if you want.

Thank you God for the peanut info I’m going to try that.

Cheers all. Gingko, arginine and edging practice on on the to do list!

Yohimbe works similar to Viagra, but very hard on the heart—check with your doctor first. Also has other side effects, but it will give you wood.

DHEA will increase T, similar to terrestris.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

Buy my book! The Orgasmic Diet by Marrena Lindberg

Just a reminder to be careful with supplements, even (especially) “natural” ones. A majority of the most potently toxic compounds known come from nature.

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