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My shopping list - suggestions requested

My shopping list - suggestions requested

Recently a Mod (Gprent? Whomever, Thanks!) gave me the wonder website, which seems to have good prices on lots of Supplements. Previously I had taken Dr. Lin’s ViaGrowth III, DopaFibre, and MoodMax with some positive results but I think I would like to control what goes into my body a little better so I’m thinking of switching to more individual supps instead, that are high quality. Please note I do not expect any supps to magically grow my penis or have any other benefit of the sort. I don’t mind spending a little cash on quality products so if you have anythign to add feel free.

Here are some of my goals:

1. Better quality erections, general penis health, and anything that would help in my manual PE routine to gain and cement length and girth gains.
2. Increased Ejaculate volume (larger testes would also be a plus)
3. Sexual stamina, anything to help me go again and again. Also, anything that would provide a boost in delaying ejaculation would be good as well
4. General energy
5. Skin/tissue healing, to promote gains in PE and also to help acne clear up faster.
6. Promoting clear thinking is good.

Some of my concerns:

1. Nothing that causes acne. I’m 21, and have moderate, persistant acne that I don’t want to make worse. Anything that would make it better, would be a big plus.
2. Nothing that causes hair loss.. I have no intention of speeding my hair loss. Considering my uncle has a full head of hair at 60, I’m hoping I got the good gene :)
3. Nothing that would caustically react with Viagra or Cialis.
4. Nothing that would react to Provigil, a very new drug (this probably cannot be tested for)
5. Nothing that makes semen taste or smell foul (considering I already eat and drink lots of fruit/vegs and water)
6. Nothing that increases body odor

Okay, with all that out of my way here’s my plan..

L-arginine & L-orthanine

Actel-L Carnatine

5-HTP (MAYBE, could use some imput on this)

DEHA (maybe)

Pygeum w/ Saw Palmetto and Lethicin (all around semen booster?)

That’s what I have so far.. Here are things I’m looking at but need advice on..

A good men’s multivitimin, with good B’s, Zinc etc..

Yohimbe? Not so sure about this, and especially which to get.

Tribulus- Not so sure about this either. Heard it causes acne and a sort of light roid rage. If not, I’ll go for it.

Maca, Tongkat Ali, and Horny Goat Weed, Damiana - Are these worth it?

Looking for a good Ginseng formula - not sure which.

Is there anything worth it about mushroom mycelllia?

Okay, thanks in advance for your help. I’ve been following quite a few threads but anyone with personal experience or special insight would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone with some insight? I have read over the supps FAQ of course, but am unsure about the benefits or detriments of mixing the items above.

Nobody? :(

If anyone’s out there, would it be worth it to take NOX3 or NOX2 instead of the L-Arg combo I suggested?

Also, is Saw Palmetto safe for a young guy of 21 (won’t impact on hormonal penis growth?)

Hey Sugoi

As for all the stuff you mentioned, I can’t really help because I never tried it. One thing I can tell you since I have had acne for so long is that vitamin E really helps to lessen that crap. It doesn’t cost much, doesn’t have any bad side-effects and it sure helps me. Also try to drink lots of water (gallon a day). I’ve also been on different kind of anti acne medications and I can tell you that Accutane really does the trick for me.

I plan to start l-arginine pretty soon. I’ll let you know how it works for me.

Questions: are you on Viagra and Cialis? If yes how does that work for you?

Heya, I’m definitely going to take Vitamin E but I have to figure out the dosage - there was a new study that said that what used to be reccommended is now far too much. I drink lots of water too, so I think that helps.

Accutane is actually considered the “next and last step” if things arn’t nearly perfect by January (I’m on ampicillin, retin A, 9% benzoil peroxide currently). I am actually really scared to take it as it has huge potential side effects. Have you had any negative effects? Sexual? Feeling depressed?

I take Viagra and Cialis yes, because I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It does seem to work well, taking 50 of V or 20 of C. However, I tend to get headaches and feel kinda stuffy in the nose and sinuses when I’m on them. Nothing that would keep my from using them, however.

See I’m actually on my fourth Accutane cycle. The first cycle I did just worked great. I had severe acne at the time and no other medication had worked for me. Accutane completely got rid of my acne and I had perfect skin for more than one year after i started. Then acne came back and I went on for a shorter Accutane cycle. Clear for one year then it came back. So I started an other Accutane cycle, even shorter than the second one I did.

After 4-5 months of this third cycle, I really wasn’t feeling great. Not that I felt depressed or anything like that, I just didn’t have any energy. So I stopped my cycle.

At about the same time, maybe one month before, I started to get erection problems. It happened twice with my ex that I totally failed to get an erection. I MUST SAY THAT ACCUTANE IS NOT LIKELY TO BE THE MAIN FACTOR THAT CAUSED ME TO HAVE ED. I was also taking finasteride (Propecia) at the time. I had been taking this crap for the past 3 years or so. As you maybe know, ed and a drop of libido are among the listed side-effects of finasteride and not of Accutante (even though depression is).

I had all these problems last may-june so it’s been about 6 months since that. For the lack of energy, the problem quickly resolved. At the time when all this happened I was doing a…(I don’t know how to say this in English, it is professional work experience related to your study field that is done during your study) and I spent a lot of time with my gf of the time and all that pumped a lot of juice out me. As soon as I finished working there and decided to give myself more time to take care of me and less to take care of my gf, everything related to fatigue came back to normal in about 2-3 weeks.

For the ED, it has got better but not perfect. I never again totally failed to get a sufficient erection to allow penetration but still, things never came back to normal and I can rarely get 100% erections, very rarely. My libido is also far from what it was three years ago. I still think that I see a slow but steady progress. I went to see a doctor about my ED this summer. I did a blood test (I wasn’t tested for testosterone and other hormonal levels) and everything was ok. The doctor told me it certainly was because of Finasteride (which I had stopped at the first signs of ED) and that things would get back to normal. Still I have been of Finasteride for 6 months and I’m far from being what I used to be.

I took another appointment with a doctor, this time I want to get my complete hormonal panel done. My appointment is in one month from now. I’m going to start l-arginine soon to see if it can help me getting my average hard-on from 75-80% to 100-110%! Man I’ d like that. I miss being horny and hard all the time. I’m turning 24 this week and if feel that at my age, it should be my right to be horny as a devil!

Ciailis might also be a solution for me. how does it work for you? For how long does the effect last? Do you get good morning wood from C? Does it make you generally hornier? How much does it cost?

Hmm, during your accutane cycle, did you have all kinds of bloodwork done monthly or so? That is required here in the USA, but I don’t know about in Canada. Also, did your ED issues not start until you started taking Propecia and you we’re just taking Accutane alone? Was there a time like this - I might be confused? So you got fatigued from accutane alone?

As for the professional work experience during study, that sounds like an “Internship” :)

I think you are right in getting your hormonal panel done. Make sure you tell your doctor about everything that has happened. Being 21 myself, I know how it is to not be as hard you’d like to be at this age!

Cialis works pretty well I think - it definitely makes erections harder and come much easily. However, it does have the side effects I mentioned above, which are bothersome. For me, the effect lasts about 24 hours, but I have a fast metabolism. Also, while still active the effect lessens a bit as time goes on. Morning wood? Not in particular. I don’t think it makes me any hornier itself, as my libido is pretty high normally - my problem is that it’s like being horny but really really tired all the time.

I’m actually going to try taking some Viagra again - others have reported that it helps to delay ejaculation and gives better erections for the 4 or 5 hours it works for.

Cialis and Viagra are very expensive in the USA, however I have health insurance which covers most of the price since I have an actual prescription from my urologist. I pay about $9 for 12 pills, but the regular price is over $100-200. However as you may be aware, people from the USA often try to buy Canadian drugs like V and C because they are cheaper, so they may actually cost less for you.

Guys, Accutane CAN reduce sex drive. And so can very high levels of straight vitamin A.

It not only effects sex drive by lowering it, but it also has a weird negative effect of the penis and scrotum.

It seems to do this by increasing IGFBP (Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein) and SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) in the blood. These hormones bind to free IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor – a male hormone that is important for sex drive) in the blood, reducing the amount of IGF-1 available. Unless I’m mistaken, SHBG also binds to and deactivates free testosterone.

This is the pathway to which Accutane (13-cis retinoic acid) and vitamin A could work to eliminate acne. They increase IGFBP-3 hormone, which prevents IGF-1 from binding to androgen receptors. This in turn prevents the production of androgen, which means a decrease in the amount of DHT (5-alpha-dihydrotestoterone) that will be converted in the sebaceous follicles.

Furthermore, it also directly prevents the conversion of DHT by inhibiting the enzyme (3alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase) necessary for this function.

So vitamin A and Accutane are going to attack acne by INCREASING IGFBP-3. Which prevents IGF-1 from binding to androgen receptors and decreases androgen production.

This, however, could reduce sex drive in some people.

Studies backing up these claims can be found here:…7&dopt=Abstract…1&dopt=Abstract…4&dopt=Abstract…1&dopt=Abstract

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Anybody study up on relaxin—the hormone (sold through Iherb) that pregnant women secrete to stretch ligaments and skin as the fetus stretches them out? It is sometimes used for schleroderma and fibromialgia. Wouldn’t it be great if it helped stretch the suspensatory ligs?1

Interesting Joystick, but why isn’t any doctor aware of that? I talked about the diminution of the quality of my erections to two different physicians and they both told me that it can not be a side effect from Accutane.

Also I’m on Accutane right now and my erections and sex drive seem to only be getting better.

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