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My Extenze Daily Log

I wish I had found this thread before i ordered two months of Orexis as those are now going to come in the mail and my wife will likely roll her eyes. I’d had some before because of a promo that allowed you to get a Plasma TV if you signed up for a feel trial of Orexis (among about 8 other things like AOL, blockbuster, visa card, etc.). I tried one box of the Orexis and it definitely seemed to help me with EQ but no real growth. Lately I had a pretty bumming experience with EQ and I remember that Orexis really seemed to help. I’ll start a thread on here and post how it works. I’m certainly not expecting size but think it may help with EQ and perhaps as an aid to PE exercises an keeping the penis more stretched. That is where I see the real advantage of something that increases blood flow… It’s certainly not as good as a manual stretcher but if blood flow is high enough it could help improve gains from stretching and jelq… maybe. I plan to combine with PE exercises from the outset as I have no confidence the pill alone would give any real gains.

So really what we can take away from this study is that the product does not work and is falsely advertised. It doesn’t make your erect penis larger than it would be otherwise. Harder, hornier, more responsive, but not any bigger which is the primary claim this product makes that sets it apart from other PE pill con artists. Can you just clarify this so the average male which is mainly concerned with size and size alone that uses this site knows not to buy this product.

So you don’t consider a harder, more responsive penis to be male enhancement? That’s what they advertise…male enhancement. don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying that they’re smart enough to not actually use key words such as grow, inches or bigger or what not. Technically they’re not false advertising.


Perhaps you should look at their website or see one of the TV commercials for Extense. They advertise “Get Bigger Get Wider” on the website. The last TV commercial I saw they kept repeating “Bigger is Better” and that it would make you larger.

I’m not defending them, the only ads I’ve seen on TV were in the daytime and they were just calling it male enhancement. I don’t remember wether it was Extenze or Enzyte. They do work great in conjunction with jelqing and what not.


Getting an erection = “Get Bigger Get Wider”.

Men would do better just purchasing l-arginine, epimedium, maca, pycnogenol etc. Less expensive, and less “filler”. Note the new footer on the Extenze website: “Now with less lead than ever!”

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No one seems to be getting the point and now we’re hijacking this thread which was not my intention. As a moderator ( who has been on this forum less time than I have) You might think of forfeiting your own emotional response and be a little more impartial. I know I’m risking a ban from the sight, but you have a responsibility of impartiality and supporting others views. I did say, ” Don’t get me wrong”, as well as, “I’m not defending them”. And I only gave facts to the ads I’ve seen. This is a topic that has been around forever I don’t believe these products work on their own, as I stated. At least as far as growing a bigger unit on their own. I do believe however, as the owner of this thread does, that these products help in sexual response and arousal. Easy response and arousal …ie, getting harder, easier is a major help in one’s pe experiense. Ban me if you will but I stand by my own integrity and right to state my own opinion on a public forum. And now I give the thread ( which I didn’t mean o hijack) to the rest of you.


The only real lurkers in here should be the moderators/ facilitators. Sorry guys I feel Really strongly about this. None of the other moderators are really ever active members of the discussons.


OSL8, it’s all cool. I think there are some people thare really against these pills on principal. I agree with you that taking them helps with EQ which does in fact mean by definition — your penis is bigger. I know personally that I gain 1/2” easy if I can go to a fully hard erection compared to just barely what it takes to get the job done. I’m also open to the possibility that having that extra blood flow and way hard erections everday for a long time could help with gains. I was blasted for saying this years ago but when you figure that Jelqs increase size by pressure from blood flow, anything that will push more blood into those chambers could be of benefit to PE. Will they do anything signifcant on their own? probably not. No. But I believe they can help in PE.

Currently I’m using Orexis for much the same reasons and experimentation as yourself. I’ve been taking for 5 days and I can see some improvement in EQ.

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Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Their is no way in hell it’s going to make your dick any bigger but it could help with your erection issue.

This is from the second post of this thread. I’m watching a commercial now - this shit is HILARIOUS. “I noticed a HUGE difference the first day. Definitely bigger.”

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I think that many men just don’t have good EQ. They are technically ‘hard’ but it’s just not that strong of an erection. So for a guy who has perhaps weaker erections and then takes this or other ‘enlargement’ pill they see a difference in size because their penis is more erect. I”m not defending the advertising as it definitely is misleading… but I also think it’s possible people are seeing the glass as half empty rather than half full. It’s pretty amazing that you can get a few cheap pills (Orexis dosage is about $2 a day I think) and achieve a stronger erection. In some cases significantly stronger. And because of that you do add perhaps a 1/4” or 1/2” in size.

I’m personally dealing with EQ issues due to performance anxiety. Also I know that my size is greatly improved if I’m a full erection state. And I will comment that a couple of years ago when I first tried Orexis a few days after starting I was with a women and I had taken an extra dosage about an hour before. As she was getting ready to suck on me she said “wow your cock is so nice. it’s really big’. I”m only 5’6” and usually around 5.5” but with the mega hard erection I was supporting I was probably close to 6”. Relative to what it had been the previous times we were together, it was bigger. Personally I like Orexis’s marketing better. They don’t claim all that much to improve size but focus on erection quality and performance which I think more accurately reflects the benefits.

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Dec 20th: EL 5.75", EG 4.9"

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The DHEA is the primary reason for increased libido. It is a testosterone, precursor, the effects of DHEA may be more apparent in men over 30 as hormone levels start to decrease with age. I have read many studies involving DHEA, the levels of DHEA are higher, as are many hormones in the morning which help contribute to morning wood.

A man of 40 or 50 will likely see greater results, than a man of 20 or 30. There are pros and cons to taking DHEA supplements.

I just completed a 30 day run. Everything Vinny experienced I did as well. I haven’t had morning wood, spontaneous erections, wet dreams and erections like this in a long time. I’ve noticed a lot more veins as well. I see why guys think they’ve grown after taking it. My flaccid is amazing!

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Originally Posted by Titleist
I just completed a 30 day run. Everything Vinny experienced I did as well. I haven’t had morning wood, spontaneous erections, wet dreams and erections like this in a long time. I’ve noticed a lot more veins as well. I see why guys think they’ve grown after taking it. My flaccid is amazing!

Yeah my buddy just told me he tried this stuff and was a walking hard on and said he had never been harder for sex, not even with Viagra. So while it won’t make you grow it sure sounds like it makes you horny.

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I just picked up a box of this yesterday and took one yesterday and today. Can’t say I notice any difference yet but I’ll post if I notice anything. With all the stress and work in my life I find that sometimes I just don’t feel as horny as I used to 15 years ago. My EQ seems fine when I’m horny but there are times when I just want to crash and sleep and my girlfriend is ready for action.

I think it is the DHEA that is increasing the libido. About a year and a half ago I tried a product that Sylvester Stallone put out that had 2 ingredients-tribulus and 6-oxo. I bought it for working out but my sex drive went nuts. It wasn’t the tribulus. The 6-oxo blocks estrogen and causes your testicles to make more testosterone. My testicles were bigger and I had raging boners. Then they stopped making it so I got plain 6-oxo and it worked about 90 percent as well. Then apparently it got banned and I’ve found nothing since that makes my libido sky high. I don’t even like yohimbe too much as I know it makes me jittery. I think if your in your 30s or older testosterone boosters may help a lot whereas if you’re 20 you probably won’t notice anything.


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