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Must have supplements!


Must have supplements!

Im interested in buying ingredients seperately instead of paying $60 for a 1 month supply of nothing.

What 4 ingredients would you suggest?

I was thinking about Saw Palmetto, ginko biloba, and maybe yohimbe(hope I spelled that right)

Again, What would you suggest?



Definitely l-arginine, it helps blood flow dramatically, at least for me anyways.

Be careful if you get yohimbe, I consider myself in great health and I tried some formula from that Dr. Lee (action love) guy. The major ingredient was yohimbe.

After about 2 weeks of trying it I was getting heart palpatations and nervousness and when I would do a hard workout at the gym I would start to get light headed and dizzy I couldn’t finish my workouts. It started to worry me.

I stopped taking the stuff and within 2 weeks I was back to normal. I looked up on the internet and found out these (and other) were potential side effects of yohimbe.

Note that it did tend to keep my flaccid dick more full when I was using it, but not worth the risk. That went away but after PEing for a couple months not only has my erect length increased but I’m also “fuller” more of the time while flaccid.

Good luck. Be careful!!

Yeah, I started taken L-arginine last week. I wanted to find out about some other good supplements to go with PEing.



I would look in to Epimedium grandiflorum, which usually goes by the common name of Horny goat weed. A lot of people also like Maca extract (Lepidium meyenii). Both of these seem to raise the libido and help with blood flow and testosterone levels. Sometimes you can get them together in a blend, but you have to be careful, a lot of these formulations also have Yohimbe which seems to have a lot of negative side effects.


I agree stay away from yohimbe, I went for my Physical and my blood pressure was up other than that everything else was nornmal, always was under 120/70/ I take Centrum AtoZ Multiamin, Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin Shoppe L-Arginine 500mg with Vitamin6 10mg daily.

yeah, yohimbie is like in the ephedra-type drugs group

thats why its included in all the ECA stack / fat burning drugs sold today

if you have a problem with arginine taste (powder), mix a gram or 2 with about a shot of orange juice or apple juice (any fruit juice).
tastes fine.

if mixed with water, its the WORST THING IN THE WORLD.

If you go the L-arginine route like myself, be sure to supplement L-Lysine as well. The L-Lysine will deter skin problems that may result from Arginine. Best of luck.

appreciate all of your responces, I’ll look into the supplements you all provided.

Yeah L-arginine is beyond nasty with water. And do’t take it with cranberry juice either,Just about Puked. I take 1/2 teaspns 3-4 times a day with a full glass of OJ.



To get past the nasty taste of it try the pill formed l-arginine, works just as well without the horrible taste.

Does L-Arginine go bad? I just bought a pound of it, but I’m not going to start using it for a while.

I would suggest tribulus if you are on a budget. I think it is the best pe supplement.

I just bought some Tribulus Terrestris 500mg per capsule(45% Furostanol Saponins)
and some Saw Palmeto 320mg per capsule, it also containsVitamin e-10iu, B6-10mg, and zinc 15 mg.

Is it possible to take to much zinc. Zinc is in some of the other vitamins I take 70mg all together, and 15 mg is suggested daily. is 70mg to much?

Also, How many mg’s of Tribulus and saw palmeto should I take?



For tribulus, I’ve been taking this Tribulus Complex by Jarrow Formulas: I usually take two each morning. Within a few hours it gives me a nice sense of well being that’s a more comfortable version of the feeling I used to get when I took Celexa, an anti-depressant. I think it helps my mental acuity too. The polyphenols are probably good for PE because they strengthen capillaries. The only drawback is I’m somehow even more horny than usual, so I have to whack off or I never get any work done.

One thing about saw palmetto: I read somewhere about a study that said it’s okay to take it all at once each day. I take three 160 mg tablets every morning of the brand they sell at Costco.

I also take one low strength 81 mg asprin a day (which they also sell at Costco) because I think it might help with circulation and hence recuperation after PE sessions.

Also, boys, we all got to eat our tomatoes every day to fend off prostate cancer:…G=Google+Search

Originally posted by m7point0
If you go the L-arginine route like myself, be sure to supplement L-Lysine as well. The L-Lysine will deter skin problems that may result from Arginine. Best of luck.

Good point, but make sure you take them about 6 hours apart as they will compete for the same digestive enzymes and receptors and basically cancel each other out if taken together.

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