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yeah, yohimbie is like in the ephedra-type drugs group

thats why its included in all the ECA stack / fat burning drugs sold today

if you have a problem with arginine taste (powder), mix a gram or 2 with about a shot of orange juice or apple juice (any fruit juice).
tastes fine.

if mixed with water, its the WORST THING IN THE WORLD.

If you guys are having trouble with yohimbe (the herb) it’s because this particular herb can have up to 26 different alkoloids contained in it. And it’s tough to predict exactly how it’s going to hit you.

There is pharmacutical grade Yohimbine-HCL that is a standardized product and you can therefore predict with more accuracy how it will effect per mg.

This is powerful stuff though, so never take more than 2.5mg steps at a time. If you’re cool at 2.5mg, move up to 5mg, if that’s ok, than 7.5mg, etc…

I think anything more than 15mg is pretty intense though, and I have a HUGE tollerance for stimulants.