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Muscle stimulators


Muscle stimulators

I was looking up muscle stimulators on ebay just to see what they exactly do besides making your muscles contract. I noticed it said that is also helps blood flow. Im not sure if anyone has asked this or tried this, but does anyone think that we can incorporate a muscle stimulator into PE?

Well, Sully, the penis is not a muscle.


Yes you can incorporate it into PE. Although GlandMaster is right in saying that the penis is not a muscle, I think he jumped th gun a bit. A muscle stimulator can be used to give you a killer kegel workout. It would make doing 1,000 kegels in a day extremely easy. I have an acquaintance that use a muscle stimulator for just that. He says it is awesome and greatly helps erection quality.

I never said the penis was a muscle, simple said the electric muscle stimulator also said it helps blood flow. was just wondering if it would help get more blood flow to the penis somehow. thanks for the kegal info though, I believe that might work pretty good

Also, do you attach the pad between your balls and butt hole for a kegel workout? or where do you put the pad

What you are looking for is a TENS unit used for muscle stimulation.

Yea for this to work you would have to attack the pads between your balls and anus, could be a bit tricky
But I guess you could just sit on the pad, make sure you use enough lubricant gel

I have tried the really cheap abgymnic off ebay and I’ll tell it feels quite useless and unnatural and sometimes gives you a nasty shock and for me it’s just liked getting punched in the gut for 10 minutes straight

Waiting in the queue for the 8 Inch Club

What doesn’t it apparently work for? Works for what it was produced for! To stimulate the muscles and increase blood flow, unless maybe the hospitals and bone crackers don’t know what their doing.Worked for a few hundred customers, to slim down and tighten up muscles.Works great along with diet.Of course a few people here didn’t think so, so that must be fact? Gee, it is okay to question the “leader of the pack” isn’t it?

Is it safe to have something shocking muscles so close to your balls? Don’t want to have deformed kids one day:)

Your right starch, you wouldn’t want that to happen. What most people don’t realize is, that the pads have to be placed directly on the muscle motor points. If they aren’t, you can do some real damage. Back in the eigthies when the Tens units were brought to the publics attention, everyone and their uncle thought they were going to purchase one and perform miracles on them selves.A lot of people got hurt.The FDA stepped in and took control of the sale and use of them. At that point only trained medical people were allowed to operate them.There was one gal who came in and was supposed to have been trained(licenced nurse), she started “BOUNCING” this old guy all over the table, he was screaming like a banshee! He was actually getting shocked through out his body. The Tens units are operated by three large nine volt battery.Placing them on the muscle motor points causes the muscle to involuntary contract and then relax.The time of contraction and relaxation is adjusted by the attending operator, nurse or doctor. The results are very amazing, especially for someone who has just finished or is on a active diet.Three inch or more loss is amazing and very measurable.The machine will only exercise the muscles it is attached to.It will strengthen and tone that particular muscle.Placed around the waist, you would see a loss of 4-5” after five or six treatments.The lasting time depending on if the person continued a active diet or exercise program or went home and started pigging out again.Yes, I did play around with the machines and the best you could expect was to feel the beginning of a organism, women mostly.Had two state body builders that use to come in before a tournament to get pumped, one you might know.So for those that say that it doesn’t work, please tell me your experience and length of time you were involved with the Tens units.

I”m guessing that younhard’s keyboard has no space bar or enter key.


Is there a listing of muscle motor points on the web?


Weston, you might find some here.. Http://

Plus a lot of other useful info.

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