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Multi Vitamins

Multi Vitamins

Anybody have any favorite muliti vitamin/mineral supplement they can recommend?

I have looked at the 3 companies that Merlin recommends in his great post and they seem to be of high quality …. but also of high price :(

I am looking to buy a quality multi vitamin/mineral supp at a reasonable cost.


mopek :)

Men’s Health Magazine had an article that recommended Centrum Silver as number 1 and One-A-Day Men’s Health Formula as number 2. I take the One-A Day myself.

I like Vitamin Shoppe’s One Daily - lots of stuff in there, big bottle, affordable

I am weary of buying anything that a mens mag suggests. I used to read alot of bodybuilding mags when I first started training and bought alot of thier “recommended” supplements. I was naive at the time to the fact that they promote whoever pays them the most.

Is there a Vitamin Shoppe in Canada?


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