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Most (Cost) Effective Erection Inducing Product?


Hey Plasticman, what do you mean by constant external stimulation?

Re the garlic programme - it was 4 cloves a day for 2 months I think

Originally Posted by Vincent Van Cock
Can these products Libidus/Maxidus and Arize be purchased from a local health food store or are they only available on line???

I hate ordering things online……..


I bought my first packs at the local health food store, but now order exclusively online. It’s about 40% cheaper that way.

Following up with two new (to me) products I’ve tried recently (seems to be a habit of mine):

The first one is labelled ‘Enhance”, but I could find *no* information about it online. It’s sold in my local health food store and has some ingredients I’ve never heard of. However, searching for the ingredients brought me to an identical product with a different name: UPLine. The store owner advised not taking more than one a week! After a couple of weeks of usage, I have to admit that it works very, very well, for a few days at least. No side-effects.

I’ve also recently tried Rockhard Weekend, which does seem to be a major brand, i.e., easy to find. In this case, they claim it works for three days. I can verify, in my case, at least two days of effectiveness.

Both of these products are up there in my top three now.

The best and cheapest product is that of one’s mind.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Go see a Doctor. Check your hormones. Closest thing to a cost effective will work product will be a script for an ED medication. If you respond well to it you can see if you can split the pills down. I can use 25mg of V and the stuff stays in my system for over 24 hours. The first 12 hours I can go anytime. After I need to be in the mood but if I am I can feel the stuff working still.

The cheapest over the counter product that works is probably Yohimbe Fuel. Cost a little less than 10 bucks for like 60 pills. Take just one. But please read the archives and research it first. The stuff can carry sides and some people just can not handle them. There is also medical conditions that yohimbe may cause problems for. READ FIRST! You can find all you need about it inside Google search. “Yohimbe side effects” “Yohimbe dangers”. Etc.

Good luck and go see a Doctor!

“2) You know from a medical standpoint that impotence is not only treatable but absolutely curable.”


I have YET to see, or hear of a single individual “cured” - not simply improved to some degree, thru use of potions or devices that then must be used the rest of their sexual lives - and THAT is NOT a “cure”, but a crutch! BUT, if any HERE have first-hand experience in actually being fully cured, now is the time to step up - and I’d like to refer my own doctor to you, because HE sure doesn’t know of any.

It’s way easy to simply sweep ED under the all-covering rug of “Psychological issues” - totally ignoring specific issues of aging and heredity that might be somewhat successfully treated as stated above, but NOT “cured”!

NOW, if some here want to challenge my statement, do it with concrete PROOF, not accusation and mere opinion!

*I* have severe, long-term ED - and would LOVE to find one of those magical cures!

And mind you, I’m speaking of actual, in-progress ED - not some simple short term illness or injury.


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Originally Posted by drkndiscreet
Help may be right around the corner:



Guys have been using sound waves to improve their sex life for years - a good Barry Manilow album can really help with success between the sheets. ;)

Way too many SMALL percentage improvements, vs FULL recovery - HALF an erection STILL won’t get the job done!

I’m still looking for one of those elusive “100% cure” pointers.. :)



One of the conditions, which lead to ED, is venous leakage. Which can be in roughly 30% cases completely cured by operation. In other 30% cases it may be 60-70% cured, figuratively speaking.

But on the whole, naturally, I agree with you. I myself at the age 26-27 have been having a very minor ED for a while. I guess that’s because of insufficient blood supply, especially after I made my cock much bigger with PE. Initially I thought it’s venous leakage, but there are more evidences that there is simply not enough blood coming to my cock to maintain good erection.

Despite my case is very mild, it has been taking quite a lot of efforts to make a noticeable improvement. I pump, kegel, do physical exercises, targeting the pelvic area, and eat some supplements, beneficial for potence and blood circulation. And on the top of that I’m increasing sensitivity of my cock. All these measures work for me and after several weeks I see a distinctive improvement. But all that takes time, efforts and commitment.

And I really feel for those guys, especially guys in their 20-s and 30-s, who have serious underlying medical, organic, physiological conditions, experience major problems with erection, go to doctors only to hear “it’s all psychological, relax, enjoy yourself and chicks, don’t worry, be happy” and rubbish like that.

A sexy girlfriend would definitely be erection inducing. Not too sure about it being cost effective though ;)

Sorry if some of us seem to be hijacking this thread - altho’ the primary subject seems to have pretty well played out - but a question on one of the above comments:

“One of the conditions, which lead to ED, is venous leakage. Which can be in roughly 30% cases completely cured by operation. In other 30% cases it may be 60-70% cured, figuratively speaking.”

I keep hearing about venous leakage as a possible cause for ED- is there any common, easy way to check for it, other than thru a doctor?

(EDIT) A quick online check on venous leakage brought this reply from a doctor:

“ANSWER: Your main problem is your attitude. If you indeed have a primary severe venous leak, then surgical correction is rarely effective long term. Look into some of the research by Dr. Tom Lue who pioneered surgery for venous leak only to virtually abandon it because of lack of permanent cures. As for why your plumbing doesn’t work, I really can’t say but it actually doesn’t matter since treatment would be the same.”


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NOTE - the above doctor’s quote was to a 27 year old guy (life-long ED victim) asking questions in an online forum, He had been diagnosed with severe venous leakage - might not be the last word on the subject - but interesting, just the same.


I recall reading threads on venous leakage at Thunder’s and several PEers reported that surgery resolved their problems. Others were not so happy with the results, which were more modest than their expectations.

But as far as I know the main inconvenience of these operations is that they often can’t prevent reoccurring of the decease. In a year or so a patient may need another surgery. And it takes 4 weeks to recover after the surgery.

But guys in their 20-s and early 30-s have a more or less satisfactory probability (30-40%) that the first operation will suffice to combat venous leakage for good.

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