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Miracle weight loss or scam?

Miracle weight loss or scam?

Hey all, I was looking on ebay and stumbled across this weight loss thing, I wondered if any of you knew how dangerous it was, or if it worked? Take a look….7119539129&rd=1

Thanks all.


thank you :)


You’re having enough tummy trouble as it is. Don’t start aggravating things just yet.

There are no commendations from the UK just the States.

And it has the obligotary model dressed as a doctor complete with stethoscope.

Untested over here/

Leave it alone.

At 20 your metabolism should be high enough to lose weight when you excercise, so consider what you eat and cut down on the carbs. You’ll soon lose weight as you train. As I mentioned earlier you are eating too much.

never heard of it

I thought you said you were small and thin? Why would you want to pack weight on, only to take it off?

The best weight loss you’ll ever get barring surgery, is a weekend bender of meth in an aluminum garden shed with no ventilation under the hot summer sun in the American South West. The pounds will melt off you during your hallucinations and shakes.;)

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

On my diet I don’t need appetite suppressors or calorie blockers. It is simply 6 + meals a day of protein shakes, fish oil and nuts and vitamins. If you get enough protein and good fats from nuts for example you won’t feel hungry physically. As for mentally nothing will change that other than yourself or a mind altering drug. On my diet you dont even need cardio, in fact I don’t do cardio for the reason that it risks eating up my hard earned muscle. (bodybuilding)

I’ve lost 36 lbs of fat in 3 months on this “diet” and possibly 3 lbs muscle(nearly inevitable to lose some muscle on a diet without steroids). You just have to keep working out as usual 3 times a week with weights.

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