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Minimum Dosage for L-Arginine for Different Goals



As I said before, it’s not like viagra, atleast for me. Perhaps you can try and let us know how it works for you.

Which is best?

-Arginine and Ornithine together in one capsule

-Liquid Arginine

-Arginine and Ornithine separately

Ok kbvk I’ll do some experiment soon.

What’s ornithine for?

Starting Stats: BPEL 6.25"/ 3rd week: BPEL 6.5"/ 4th week: BPEL 6.75"/ 8th week: BPEL 7-7.25" /12th week: BPEL 7.25-7.5"

To add what iamaru said, I also take the AAKG and think that it works better.

Go to a bodybuilding site like Nutraplanet - at 3 grams a day, you can get a month’s supply (100g) for $5.99.
I’ve taken on an empty stomach in the morning with no probs.

I tried L-Ornithine + L-Orgine a year ago. Taking a small dose of L-O along with L-A seemed to work lightly better than L-A. But it I had to watch for stomach upset in the begining which was okay after a few days.

AAKG is much better than arginine alone. That is my experience.

I’m just on my third day of taking L-A. On my first two days, I took 1g at night before bedtime. Today, I took 1g 1.5 hr before ejaculation and woah! It’s my best (farthest) cum shot so far!!! The “game” lasted for about an hour. Maybe enough stimulation and a lot of water (approx 4 glasses) before the intercourse also contributed. I think I’m a quick responder to L-A.

Starting Stats: BPEL 6.25"/ 3rd week: BPEL 6.5"/ 4th week: BPEL 6.75"/ 8th week: BPEL 7-7.25" /12th week: BPEL 7.25-7.5"

Originally Posted by dstallion

I think I’m a quick responder to L-A.

Sounds like it. Good deal for you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Anyone tried Arginine Ethyl Ester (AEE) ?

Extract from supplement nutrition website suggesting that regular L-Arginine is not that effective:

“As good as regular L-arginine is, it’s inherently limited. The first of it’s limits are it’s limited absorption through the intestine. Whereas Arginine Ethyl Ester can pass through the intestine largely intact, regular L-arginine is mostly degraded in the intestine, leaving only trace amounts of the ingested dose active.

Because of the rapid breakdown of L-arginine in the intestine, it’s effects on N02 regulation, sexual arousal, and hemodialation are limited. This rapid breakdown also limits the ability of L-arginine to promote muscular growth via increases in exercise endurance and the delivery of nutrients to working muscle tissue via the muscle pump.

L-arginine has been used with limited success in the treatment of infertility and erectile dysfunction. The Pfizer drug Viagra® is believed to work via the nitric oxide pathway, thereby increasing blood flow to the penis. L-arginine also works via the nitric oxide pathway and this explains it’s moderate success in this role. Arginine Ethyl Ester appears to also positively affect infertility and erectile dysfunction, but to a greater degree due to increased absorption.

Injury healing, muscle growth and cellular function are all positively impacted by L-arginine, and currently accepted models of arginine metabolism suggest that these processes may be positively impacted by Arginine Ethyl Ester to a greater degree.

The presence of the ester not only enhances the function of arginine and overcomes it’s inherent limitations, but the presence of an ester and increased absorption also reduce the need for large doses, which may put less stress on the body.

The presence of an ester may also prolong the generation of nitric oxide and extend the benefits of arginine over a greater time period. This may result in greater endurance, enhanced pumps, and quicker recovery from exercise.”

Originally Posted by Aggro

Anyone tried Arginine Ethyl Ester (AEE) ?

Nope, although I have read about it. I still have about 750g of AAKG on hand.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Go to Walmart or anywhere else that sells suppliments. Get the cheapest NO2 Booster you can find. Brand doesn’t matter. They are about all the same.

They are sold as bodybuilding suppliments and testosterone boosters, but actually just help with blood flow, don’t help grow muscles, but do help with the penis blood flow just like anywhere else.

If you’ve got plenty of money - go to biotest and buy “alpha male”. It is tribulus and calforsin. No, it doesn’t boost test as advertised. However, it does REALLY help with blood flow, can make one rather horny, can help with erections. And as we all know, more blood in the penis is good.

If this is allowed, you can find it at in the store. It’s expensive though.

I have been on AAKG for a couple of weeks now, 1g AM and 1gPM 2 hours after eating.

My goal is to increase load size but so far it has not.
Should I up my dose?


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