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MGF-Mechanogrowth factor

MGF-Mechanogrowth factor

Does anyone know about this one? MGF-Mechanogrowth factor.

Has anyone taken MGF? There seems to be some sites who sell MGF, but I dont know if what they’re selling is real MGF.


What are you intending to use it for? I was thinking of using it in lieu of IGF to enhance PE gains but I’m not exactly sure of the mechanism by which it works and if it will work in penile tissue. is the only place I’ve seen where people are actually trying it out albeit for muscle gains. I figure I would let otehrs try it out and see if it works or not for muscle growth. Then I might take the risk to see if it works in other tissues.

I wanna take it to grow some muscles without going to the gym.

Originally Posted by Nick666
I wanna take it to grow some muscles without going to the gym.

:rolling: Don’t we all!!

Apparently MGF can do that.

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