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Mega Men supplements

Mega Men supplements

Has anyone tried this. I went to GNC yesterday and it was expenisve about $18. Is this good to help aid pe and help heal the cells in the penis?

There isnt anything that we know of that you can take to help your PE routine. Unless you can put determination in a pill that is. The ingredients will most have other benefits though.


Mega Men is a good-enough multi-vitamin. I’ve taken it a long time. The multi- sold by 24hr Fitness (made by Apex Laboratories) is better than that, and Cooper Complete is better than either, IMHO.

But none of them is a source of essential fatty acids, where “essential” means you’ve damn well gotta’ have ‘em because your body can’t make ‘em, and we don’t generally get enough of one of them from our food. On page 4 of the IronMan article, Laura Dern mentions prostaglandin E-1, which our bodies make from linoleic acid, one of the ‘essentials’, so maybe having them in our diets will indirectly help our PE efforts.


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