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MD Gel - hmmmm. . .

MD Gel - hmmmm. . .

Came across an ad for a new penis enlargement product which always piques my interest. Supposedly it’s developed by board certified urologists and is based upon substances used in post-surigical recovery. Interesting…

Web site is:

After reviewing the site, I had a few questions which I put in the following e-mail:

Mr. Mennella,

I am interested in your MDGel and have a couple questions before perhaps ordering.

1. Where do Dr. Carr and Dr. Blugaro practice? I did a search but couldn’t find any listing of either as board certified urologists. I was interested in perhaps reading some of their papers in their field.

2. Your web domain was registered on the 9th of Dec., 2011. As that’s been about a month, I was surprised to see that you have already been featured in Men’s Health, Playboy and Maxim. That’s great! Can you send me links to these so I can read your press?

3. You mention your process is patent pending. I did a search at the US Patent Office and could find no record of any patents pending mentioning Cheiradone, your key derivative ingredient. Can you send me the patent filing number please so I can read the summary?

Your zip code seems to be incorrect on your web site, as your street address in North Providence is in zip code 02904, not 02911 as listed. Thought you might want to correct that.

Thanks in advance for your responses,


I’ll be amazed if you get a satisfactory reply.

Looked at the website, it sounds like a lot of BS !


Words cannot describe how I feel about this thread. :funpost:

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