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Male Response Supplement

Male Response Supplement

Any one tried this? I took two tablets and it made me a bit shaky and felt really light-headed. What ingredient do you think might have contributed to this effect?…90#.VPHfsYY76rU


Supplement Facts
Serving Size 3
Servings Per Container 15.000000
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 5 N/A*
Sodium 15 Mg N/A*
Fiber 1 Gm 4%

Vitamin E(As Natural D-Alpha Tocopheryl) 100 IU 330%
VITAMIN B-6(As Pyridoxine Hcl) 25 Mg 1250%
Pantothenic Acid(As Calcium D-Pantothenate) 50 Mg 500%
Calcium 20 Mg 2%
Zinc(As Opti-Zinc Monomethionine) 15 Mg 100%
Maca Root Extract(Lepidium Meyenii) 300 Mg N/A*
L-Arginine(Base) 300 Mg N/A*
Yohimbe Bark Standardized Extract4% (Yielding 9 Mg Yohimbines) 225 Mg N/A*
Marapuama Stem Extract 200 Mg N/A*
Oat Straw Leaf Extract(AVENA SATIVA) 200 Mg N/A*
Damiana Leaf & Stem 200 Mg N/A*
Saw Palmetto Berry 200 Mg N/A*
Mexican Sarsaparilla Root 200 Mg N/A*
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract(50:1)(Yielding 14 Mg Ginkgo Flavonglycosides) 60 Mg N/A*
Stinging Nettle Root Extract(16:1) 60 Mg N/A*
Ginger Root 60 Mg N/A*

Yohimbe Bark Standardized Extract4%

It’s a stimulant banned by some countries.

Yes its the yohimbe. I had to slowly get used to it I do 5 days on 2 days off. Even now after 2 years I feel funny for about 1 hour after taking I use Liquid yohimbe.

Yohimbe bark will be responsible. I’d be careful with it as it can have danderous side effects

A rather unanimous response. I can only imagine what would have happened had I taken three as the recommended up to five per day dose. I’m also taking L-Citruline Malate 750mg and L-Arginine 1000 mg per day. Oh, and also, the Male Response supplement-forget about getting any sleep with it!

Back in the mid 80’s I stopped in a Health Food Store and bought a bottle that was potent as all would make the hair on the back of my neck stand up, plus it would give me a wet spot in my pants like I didn’t shake, but my cock was oozing precum. Not to mention I think it somehow increased your male scent.

I’ve used Male Response and what monster2balls says is on the button with yohimbe but I found that taking male response on a full stomach and moderating my dose lead to little or no side effects, something similar to the side effect coffee causes if you are a very moderate drinker. Comparing Male Response to straight up yohimbe is probably a little overboard but all the advice you hear about yohimbe probably applies, just to a lesser extent.

I think that unless you have a heart condition, and would be worried about the chance of slight palpitations, it’s probably OK and I still use it occasionally. But it’s fairly cheap, so you can buy it, try half a pill and throw it away if it disagrees.


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I took it on an empty stomach. Not a good idea as you said. I felt so out of myself, I couldn’t detect any sexual difference with it. More like I just wanted to bang my head on a wall. Weird. Maybe I’ll give it another go. One pill on a full stomach to be sure.

Try half a pill.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Roger that.

Can I give my 2 cents since I have tried a lot of stuff like this?

I see the last 3 that can give you the shakes
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract
Stinging Nettle Root Extract
Ginger Root

Not so much Ginko Biloba, but it can give you a light headed sort of effect, and can cause dizziness. It is used for memory since it speed up circulation to the brain.

Stinging Nettle Root Extract is a power herb, it is used by many for weight lifting and just exercising in general. I is also for prostate health, but it is a power herb giving you that extra energy. Saw Palmetto is for the prostate as well as for healthy urinary system.

Ginger Root is kind like a blood thinner speeding up all the plant chemicals to enter the blood stream quickly. How quick is quick? I travel a lot and I have met many folks that use ginger instead of Dramamine, since it also used for nausea.

Damiana, is also somewhat of a power herb ,it is supposed increase sexual desire as an aphrodisiac. It is also used for blood circulation. What I have found in my personal use with Damiana is it compliments Horny Goat Weed. They work well together. The 2 combined taken1/2 an hour before training will give you all sorts of energy.

L-Arginine is an amino acid, It used for cardio and high blood pressure. The problem I have with L-Arginine is if you are not going to do a somewhat intense workout, I would limit the amount you take. Just having it in your system and not doing anything with it such as walking, running or anything to get the blood flowing, is not a good thing, and that goes for any amino acids.

Yohimbe Bark, is banned in various countries. It used for Sexual Dysfunction, but for men it is for Erectile Dysfunction it blocks or controls nitric oxide released in the corpus cavernosum. The reason it has been band is, because depending on dosage, yohimbine can either increase or decrease systemic blood pressure. Small amounts of yohimbine can increase blood pressure, while large amounts can dangerously lower blood pressure.
Who knows.

Maca Root Extract is used to treat tired blood, anemis, chronic fatigue syndrome (I think they call it CFS, but not sure)., also used for and enhancing energy, stamina, athletic performance, memory, and supposedly fertility, also used for weak bones. It is a power vegetable crop. I also read somewhere that all the claims that Maca does is all false. I will try to find that for you.

Saw Palmetto. is used to control the enlargement of the prostate. There are also claims that it restores hair growth. Although I have a head of hair, I never noticed it. When purchasing Saw Palmetto, make sure you purchase from a good source. For years now, what you buy is not what you get. A lot of Saw Palmetto on the market is fake, but a bean supplement. The Saw Palmetto Berry is now becoming scarce since the environment and weather has to be just right or it will not grow. I have also read an article several years ago that there are dangers to taking Saw Palmetto and that it act like a chemotherapy to the prostate, not only does it kill bad white blood cells, kills the good ones as well, thus promoting ED in some cases. Same article mentioned that it is bad for the semen. I used it for years taking 2 capsules 4 times a day.

Selenium as well as Copper and Zinc, they are minerals (and consideredchemicals). Selenium is mostly for the thyroid and is used in dandruff shampoos. Care must be take when taking Selenium, since it can be toxic to the body and too much can cause Cirrhoses of the liver, but what I found and this is my own personal findings is that it balances Zinc and Copper. They compliment each other. I don’t know how to explain what I mean. If you do Zinc with out Selenium there is a difference than if you do it with Selenium.

Zinc helps speed up the healing process after an injury. It is also used to kill prostate cancer cell. I always thought it was a sexual enhancer and I thought and felt like it made my erections harder. I just went to my desk where I keep a lot of these articles that I have torn out of magazines in doctors waiting rooms. In one of those articles it states that chronic use of zinc supplements in excess of the recommended dosage may actually increase the chance of developing prostate cancer, also likely due to the natural buildup of this heavy metal in the prostate.

Vitamin B-6 is one of the B Cplex vitamins and really should be taken together. The best natural sources include avocado, brewer’s yeast, wheat bran, wheat germ, liver, kidney, heart, blackstrap molasses, milk, eggs, and beef. It’s known to balance your metabolism, and to clear up your skin. Care must be taken when taking Vitamin B6 as well as the Complex, since it can be toxic to the body.

Vitamin E is used for skin treatment, it is also for the lining of you stomach and intestines. Back when I was a kid, many thought that slipping a female vitamin E would make her horny, not true.

I am not a nutritionist what so ever, but I have taken a lot of this stuff when I started PEing and to tell you the truth, I wish I would have not. All this stuff not taken properly can be damaging to the liver, kidneys and bladder.

Now then, Male Response has a lot of stuff in it and I am sure it has all been balanced, But I would not take it on an empty stomach, Nor would I take it before leaving home to get in your car and driving to work. As you are driving, you are just sitting there doing nothing but driving. A lot of times your body will begin to shake with things like Male Response, because your body is TELLING you, you have all this stuff in you body, what are you going to do with it? A lot of this tuff together is foreign to your body and as a result you body goes into somewhat of a shock. It is not bad, it is just different. I would start with half a capsule and work to3/4 then to one. Ease into it. I also recommend taking it an hour before a work out so that you can get your blood flowing to circulate this stuff through your body, also drink plenty of water. What your body does not need, it will reject and you will notice that your urine will either be the color of orange or a very dark yellow in color. These are the minerals supplement and herbs that your body is rejecting.

I personally would not take that stuff since I am a naturally hyper active person and Male Response has a lot of power herbs.

As I have mentioned, I am not a nutritionist, but I have taken a lot of this stuff and as a result of some bad experiences did a study on some of this stuff find out what I had put into body, and was after fact. I don’t know what this post is going to do for you, but you may find it interesting.

Yohimbe will give you elevated heart rate.

It’s banned here in Canada, but I get it from an Indian herbalist and make tea out of it when I’m doing restoration work at home.

I wouldn’t want that experience behind a desk taking the train though, but its great for tiling or drywalling.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Good info, Gents. All will be taken under advisement.

Yohimbe is banned in many countries including Australia because it is bad for your heart

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