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Maca side efects

Maca side efects

I really want to know if the use of maca is really with no side efects please if there are any side efects tell me. And lecitin have any side efects? Please answear me.

Hi, I think i can answer this one because i’m from peru, land of the maca.
Maca is a root, that have lot of properties and one of them is to increase libido, sperm count, etc.
Saying that maca has side effects its like saying that potato or corn has side effects, its all natural and you don’t have to worry about side effect.
What i know it’s that it has a terrible flavor, so better if u buy it in pills.
About lecitin :-( don’t know…
I hope this info is usefull for you.


I took maca for a couple of weeks. It made for a general increase in energy level, really nice erections, and a marginal increase in ejaculation volume (“results vary”- I think others have experienced a dramatic increase with that last one). I did experience a slight side effect, though. The maca apparently brought on acne. I wasn’t concerned, though, because 1. it was only a little acne; 2. the zits were small; and 3. they mostly only occurred in random spots on my body- especially my scalp, who knows why- rather than on my face.

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