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Longterm usage of supplements

Longterm usage of supplements

I know I should have posted this in the supplements forum, but I’m a new member..

My question is: are there any effects related to longterm usage of supplements? I mean, for example, if I take zinc for some months, am I supposed to get different results (maybe better results?) than after taking it for a few weeks?

If yes, does it happen with all supplements?

I’ve been taking a polivitamin, maca and egg lecithin and I’m really curious about that.

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Wow now that is a big broad question,

It depends on the Zinc and many other factors (such as do you work out and how hard).

Which polivitamin do you take is it fortified with iron or fluoride?

I wouldn’t worry about the other two at all.

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Nothing will happen but then again too many variables including your age and level of activities and your profile of vitamin deficiencies if any Zinc on its own is pretty much not essential mineral unless you don’t eat meats.

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Thank you all.

I take FDC All 26. Nothing special. Just a basic polivitamin.

I’m 40 and healthy. I don’t exactly work out, but I do pilates almost every day (in my 30s I worked as pilates teacher).

I’m also taking flax seed oil and lots of celery daily.

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