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Has anyone tried this product? I am very doubtful on chemical adders for lack of a better term. But could I be wrong on this one?I mean it is advertised everywhere. From Penthouse to FHM. Even on commercials during the E show of Howard Stern! I saw an advertisemnt for a contest to give away some super sports car in one of the FHM/Details men’s magazines I purchased yesterday.


Hey TT,

As someone, I believe it was Dino, said on the PE Forums in reply to this question, “Do you think all of us PE’ers would be pulling our dicks all day if this pill really worked?”

The FDA and Phyzer are after Longitude now for false claims. Save your money.

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Your logic is undeniable in its answer to the question. Thanks!


I heard from someone that they put a jelq program in with the pills now. A pill can only give you a temporary larger flaccid size.


so is that good or bad? I mean in theory could you combine it with hanging to get it to further dangle?

"Longitude" "Extend" etc

There was an interesting program on the German TV channel RTL2 the other evening testing the effects of these so-called penis enlargement pills such as “Extend” and “Longitude” which contain the usual mixture of supplements that are reputed to have an aphrodisiac effect such as zinc, yohimbe powder, L-arginine hydrochloride, ginseng blend powder, muira puama stem powder, nettle leaf powder etc.

Two candidates had their penises measured by a urologist using the bone pressed dead stretch method. One measured 14 cm = 5.5”, the other 17 cm = 6.7” before taking the pills for a month and following a daily stretch / jelq routine after a hot shower. After 1 month the guy with 17 cm dong hadn’t gained anything whereas the 14 cm cock showed marginal gains = 2-3 mm. The urologist who conducted the study concluded that the pills didn’t work and went on to claim that penile enlargement by stretching, jelqing was technically impossible as the penis is enclosed in a sheath – the so called fascia which cannot be stretched. What does the forum think about this?

Note: I have already posted this entry in the section on supplements but it might fit in better here


I think will agree you won’t magically grow a big dick by popping pills. As far as the comment of PE by stretching and jelqing does not work…….I think many here can prove the doc wrong.

The medically community is very narrow minded and if something is not printed in a medical text and taught in medical school, then they disbelieve it. I think a majority of the medical community (in the USA at least) views things like herbs, alternative medicine, etc as total absurd BS. I know places like Europe and Asia are more into herbs and alternative medicine, strange how in the USA the only way to cure something is through drugs or surgery.

I have read a few times where folks have asked their doctor about PE (stretching,jelqing,etc) and the doc always chuckles and states outside of surgery it is impossible to get a larger dick, then starts in with all the shit of “you need to accept and love your body how it is and develop better self esteem”. Goes to show Doctors are do not have an open mind to anything not taught in school, found in medical text books as common and accepted knowledge, or published in medical journals. One day we will have the last laugh when the medical community realizes PE excercises do work.

Bogus tests

Thunder, you’re right with your assessment of the scientific value of this “research”. One good thing though was to relay the message that popping pills won’t increase your dick size.

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