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Liquid C questions



Yes, it made me extremely irritable and fidgety. I really would like to try GB as a natural vaso, but I have 3 unused bottles of liquid c and this shit lasts a long time. Don’t want to waste the money since I’m getting maca soon, but since I haven’t used lC since last year I guess I’ll have to start using it again. Don’t want to waste it…

I have also wondered what happens if you mix V with C.

Why is all this talk about liquid C what wrong with plane old tablet form?

Is the liquid better? Cheaper?

Also where are all you guys getting your liquid C from. I just ordered some V and C from airsealed

The guys are all americans and the liquid C from Kitsandmore is probably the cheapest source of C inside the USA. And getting it from inside the USA to avoid any trouble with customs got obviously pretty important after 9/11 and the homeland security madness.

Liquid C, if one keeps it in the mouth and it is mostly taken up by the muscous membranes there IS more effective then swallowed as this avoids the so called “first pass metabolism” - say the C is not metabolized and partly (about 40% IIRC) destroyed by going first through the liver. It also comes up faster, but thats not so really important with C which works best the next day anyways.

Taking C and V together at the same time is not the perfect way to do this. Better is to take C lets say in the afternoon and the next days evening two hours before the act a small amount of V. 10mg C and 25mg V - that should suffice nicely. This provides the best of two worlds - practically no sideeffects from neither of the two drugs, the prolonged time of action from the C and the almost raging hardon from V, but not so bad to loose all sensitivity.

I agree “Schabernack”…I’ve have taken the liq c on an almost daily/small dose and prior to sex have taken 25mg V. As you say, best of both worlds. No side effects from the V and a raging hard-on.

And again, we in the US buy from Kits not just cause of the great quality and price but to avoid the customs hassle.


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