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Any information on what might help with low or waning libido.

I know age is a major factor,(52), is it just a pause?

And help appreciated.

It happens to the best of us.

I’m early 20’s and if I get a chance to rub myself against a wall, I will (laugh), but about a year ago I was so stressed out I wouldn’t make love to my girl at all for weeks.

-Stress is a big factor.
-If you watch porn, I suggest you stop immediately.
-You should try to visualize things that turn you on once in a while, without masturbating or anything, just let your imagination go wild, once a day, on anyone or anything…

You should see a doctor if it is down for more than 1-3 months. It is often related to high stress, psychological fatigue and even burn-out. Seek advice from a professional if everything in your life is cool, it could be an hormonal problem and they might help you.


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I agree with jack. If youre not stressed out i would go see a doctor about hormone replacement therapy. Hopefully you can get it under your insurance. If not, PM me and maybe I can point you in the right direction.

Search the net for the Five tibetan rites - it is a set of simple excersises designed to rejeuvenate your body and mind.

Originally Posted by webslave
Any information on what might help with low or waning libido.
I know age is a major factor,(52), is it just a pause?
And help appreciated.

If you find anything let me know. My libido vanished about 5 years ago and has never returned.

DHEA is an over the counter supplement which can help if your hormones are lagging behind. If they are not, chances are it won’t help anything.

At your (our) age, I think the biggest factors by far are exercise and diet. This has been discussed at length here previously, so I won’t go into detail. However, my libido was practically dead in my late forties and is in high gear now. As for supplements — also discussed here many times — I like Tongkat Ali specifically for libido.

For me, emotional stress is the biggest libido killer. If I’ve got an uproar at home, my libido is in the tank.Then when things calm down, I’m my usual randy self. Good luck webslave!

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Testosterone, in some men, can give libido a major boost, in particular if age AND declining natural testosterone levels plays a role. Very controversial subject among anti-aging experts.

Two forms of application:

1. Transdermal, as a gel. It only lasts a day or so, good to find out whether testosterone replacement is helpful.

2. Intramuscular injection: once you know that it helps. One injection every 4 weeks or so.

Later - ttt

Two things that brought me back from the sexless brink

1. Hit the gym at least 3 times a week for at least an hour of various excercise. This helped reduce work related stress greatly which had a terrible effect on my libido.

2. Tongkat Ali 1:200 extract cycled twelve days on, 4 off . Add in a little Viagra once in awhile and I feel like the horny teen I once was! Can’t get enough now!

Hello Webslave,

Your declining libido has a number of factors that all have to be considered. As your libido seems to just be waning rather than non existent, it is most likely all in the adrenal hormone system.

To start out with the adrenal glands are two walnut size glands that sit on top of the kidneys. They produce quite a number of hormones. The adrenal “chain of hormones” is called a chain because one is used as the precursor for the other, with the simplified chain looking like this:




This is probably a bit confusing, but basically, Pregnenolone is the precursor to every other hormone listed. On the “androgen” side, Pregnenolone is the precursor to DHEA, which is the precursor to Androsteindione (hereinafter “Andro”) which is the precursor to both Testosterone and Estrone. Testosterone is the precursor to Estradiol, and both are precursors to Estriol.

On the Progestogen side of the the chart, Pregnenolone is the precursor to Progesterone, which the the precursor to both Cortisol and Aldosterone.

There are four “classes” of hormones in the adrenal chain of hormones. The classing is helpful in segregating the individual hormones by their function in the body. The classes are:
Estrogens—- Estradiol (the most potent estrogen and most common)
Androgens— Testosterone, Andro, DHEA

Progestogens Pregenenolone, Progesterone

Cortico Steroids Cortisol, Aldosterone.

The best way to find out how you are doing hormonally, is with a blood test. However, as it seems that you want to have generalized knowledge, and it seems, methods for self help rather than physician assitance, I will try to go in that direction for this letter.

First, it is medical fact that your production of both Pregnenolone and DHEA decline at the rate of 1 to 1.5% per year, starting at age 20. So at 52, you have lost a significant amount of the precursors for Testosterone, and like all of us, your Testosterone levels have most likely declined considerably.

It is also a medical fact that as we males age, our estrogen levels rise, as our testosterone levels decline. You can see that Estradiol (the most powerful of the estrogen hormones) is made directly from Testosterone. So the more enzyme action (enzymes are like chemical scissors that lop off atoms, or collections of atoms in the body) that you get through aging, the worse your libido gets. And it is a double whammy as you loose testosterone, but GAIN estrogen.

Estrogen is much more powerful, gram for gram then testosterone. Therefore your estrogen levels cannot be overlooked.

To get started, for a 50 year old man first take 100 mg a day of Pregnenolone. This is the first hormone on the Adrenal chain. By adding this hormone, your body will use what it needs (it has over 300 uses in the body) and have more left over for conversion into other adrenal hormones.

Second, take 50 mg a day of DHEA. DHEA is an androgen in and of itself, but it does little for libido. But it is the precursor (two steps away) for Testosterone. By adding this to your regimen you will be giving your body a chance to make its own testosterone. What you have done is merely supply the basic ingredients, and your body will know what to do with them.

Both of these hormones are sold over the counter. I prefer to use because they are good both with service and price. You cannot overdose yourself with Pregnenolone, even if you ate the whole bottle at one time. You would find it quite difficult to overdose yourself with DHEA as well. But adding more to my suggestions will not really give you any more benefit, as each conversion is regulated by your body. Merely having more of the precursor around will not speed up the conversion at all. Basically, you can only get up to “full speed” but at the moment, you are at about 60% of full speed (conversion process) now. I am guessing that you will feel this addition within 3 days of starting.

Next is estrogen reduction. The first product that I will suggest is DIM. This is available on iherb as well and it has a nice explanation of what and how it works. I suggest that you do not take this until one week after you have started taking the Pregnenolone, and DHEA. The reason is so that you will be able to notice what each does for you. The second product that works fair is Chrysin. It takes a lot of Chrysin to make a dent in estrogen, so start with the DIM first and see how it goes. I would suggest 400 mg a day of DIM as a maximum. Certainly you can start with a lot less. If higher levels of estrogen are a problem, you should feel a difference in one or two days.

Next come the various testosterone boosters that other writers have referred you to. Tribulis, Tongat Ali, and maybe Yohimbe, although I am not fond of Yohimbe. It has a lot of side effects and it raises your blood pressure

After that, you should probably consider a physician to help you. Anti aging physicians should probably be the first place to look as they are up to date with most endocrine actions that effect libido. There are quite a number that I have left off that do affect libido because you could not tell one way or another what your blood levels of those items were without a blood test. Your physician should know and take care of them.

Hope that helps a bit.

Best of luck,

Thanks for the indepth information stagestop. I’ve been looking about, for supp’s such as Tribulis, Tongkat Ali, etc and of course some exercise routine suggested by georgieporgie. Think I will purchase some at NOW foods where I get my mulit vits and arginine. I’m a bit hesitant on ordering Test. products on line as customs has targeted such from what I hear.

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"Nietzsche is dead"-God


Thanks again for all the advise etc.

I’ve noticed a small uptake/improvement of sorts already. I’ve upped my intake of Arginine (on an empty stomach with water)and take a small dose (about 10mg) of liquid tadalafil on a daily basis. Have ordered Tongkat Ali (35gram bag of powder). Will update after I’ve taken that for about a week. Will maybe get something for the ‘ol lady, ? , Tongkat Ali ??

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