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For those of you currently taking lexapro for premature ejaculation - what sort of dosage are you taking. I believe lexapro is abit stronger than other anti-depressants so I’m thinking the dosage should be in the 10mg/day range. I am currently taking paxil - 20mg/day and works great except I’m really tired all the time so I’m thinking of switching!

Gram -

I don’t know if it would help, but, if you aren’t already, you may want to try taking your Paxil at night, before bed.

Paxil never made me tired, but Effexor did, and when I started taking it at night, I slept well and was not tired the following day.

If Paxil is working for you otherwise, you may want to try this before switching meds.

Good luck.

I take 10mg lexapro for my migraines. Life changing it is. I already had complaints of lasting too long. Lexapro made it worse. Now, I would not give up being migraine free, but I would like to finish the race sometimes.

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