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I’ve been having same problems since I turned 25 back in march. I eat healthy, stay away from caffeine, don’t smoke, exercise 3 times a week, do martial arts 2 times a week for few hours each and drink plenty of water plus a good multivitamin. Couldn’t figure out what was causing it and just decided to blame it on my age, it was heartbreaking and a big kick to the ego! Going from 8 hour sex sessions with iron wood to barely being able to keep it up for more than a minute. My girl is on a family vacation so that has given me some time to try and solve the problem.

I’ve sat down and realized I was stressed out about a lot of things so been working on relieving that and making plans. I practice qigong (special set of breathing exercises to heal body and gain energy) but admittedly haven’t done much for the past few months but recently started taking it up again. Also noticed that my balls were smaller than they used to be, before my problems I had huge balls both of them together were close to the size of a tennis ball but now it’s less than half the size. Then I remembered as part of some of my qigong practices I used to do was every morning I’d massage my balls for 10-15 mins, circles left to right or right to left, squeezing them gently. Sure enough after a few days of doing this my morning wood came back strong and was able to get erections and keep them up for 20 mins or so felt great also my balls started to gain some size again. Gained some confidence back. Also you can rub your hands together till their hot and massage your kidneys for a few mins after you rub your nuts.

Still waiting for a new multi vitamin to come because mine are running out (source naturals men’s life force) and going to try a new bran opti-men multi vitamin. Also have 2 herbs on their way too, tribulus as well as muira puama both are cheap I think I paid under $10 for them and should help with with erections but won’t comment on that until I have tried for myself.

Thinking back I believe it was just a bunch of bottled up stress and me running my body too hard for it’s liking, just gotta take it easy for now and de-stress.

Hope something in my rambling post helps out :)

Some are saying that you have to “de-compress” from time to time. It may be partying allows you to do it, whatever you do, it has to be done. There is a balance to everything.

Interesting stuff! Like I said I will try almost anything. Even thought things are better, I want to get back to a much better state.

Iron Penus, have you had this problem for a length of time? I mean even young guys do go through a type of impotence but it don’t last long. 25 is pretty young yet so ya I would say it would be stress more than anything. But at my age I can only believe it is actually age that is the culprit along with some stress and lack of excrcise. I can fix the exercises but he stress I will just have to figure out how to deal with it.

I think I may want to try Ginseng first. I don’t want to have to take a hand full of pills and powders 2 or more times a day. I was doing the Lecithin for the novelty of a bigger load but I’ll probably drop that seeing how I never had a problem with it before and really don’t want to take too many pills.

This will be a work in progress, I will see the Doc next week for a physical then we will see where to begin. But hopefully this experiment can fix my problem and I can make a thread on regaining virility after 40.

I’m not looking to get to a point where I can go for hours and hours. I would be thrilled to last for 1 hour at the most. That has to be my age speaking of course. But when your married for 20 years, there’s no need for it haha!

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I think my testosterone levels were slightly reduced but not sure until go for a blood test to check things out, but massaging my balls every morning has helped a lot. I’ve had it off and on about a year ago but it was maybe 1 outta 20 times me and the fiance went at it I’d fail we just agreed it was due to me being tired. But last march is when it went bad I was lucky if I could pop wood it would be up but barely inflated maybe 30% erection, so from march till a week ago is how long I’ve been dealing with it.

Exercise will help out greatly especially cardio I find, the workout I do is mainly ATG squats, deadlifts, benchpress, chin ups, and 10-15 mins kettle bell swings with 53lb bell (cardio). If you get ginseng make sure to get red ginseng and look on the package to see if it’s standardized dose otherwise don’t waste your money. You could also goto the super market and pick up some concentrated pomegranate juice think the brand name is called POM and take a shot glass or two a day. I used to take it and noticed better erections and fuller hang after a week of taking it but other people in the house kept drinking it and didn’t want to say hey stop that I need that for my weenie ! Haha so I just stopped buying it.

Good idea on the doc get blood work done to rule out any other problems. 20 years is great congrats! I like the marathon sex sessions but realistically we don’t always have time so an hour or so is the normal time which is long enough for me :P Good luck at the docs

One thing also which I recently suffered from even though there are not a lot of studies on it but people are starting to recognise it is possible porn addiction (You did not mention anything just putting the idea out there.) I used to get ED problems form this.

I look at a fair share of porn from time to time but I wouldn’t call it an addiction. Maybe that’s a new thread topic “How much porn makes porn addiction?” But I am not sure about that. When younger I had alot of porn and looked at it all the time but never had a problem when it came to women. So I am convinced its’ stress and mostly age. Even younger I had much stresses but it never stopped a boner popping out of nowhere. But like I said I will take everything into consideration.

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


Originally Posted by dawgbone3333
Hello to all. Ive been a member here since 2003 and have enjoyed the benefits of PE. This place is amazing and has helped many of us who needed different answers for different symptoms.

I have learned many things from this place. If there is any good advice that I can offer to this community, it is that no matter how big or small you are; A woman loves a confident man. They also love a caring passionate man who wants to pleasure them. One thing I learned as a young man is that not all women are made to function the same. What works for one may not work on another. We as men need to realize we were not born with the knowledge how to pleasure a woman. If you want to be a great lover, all you need to do is say (Or in your own words) “Baby, what can I do to please you?” You will get different answers from different women. But you will pleasure more of them doing so rather than thinking you know what your doing. Be confident in your body and sexual ability. Continue PE because its best for our own ego and mind. But above all, ask them what they would like. You will become a great lover No matter if you have 3 or 10 inches.

Ok the reason for this thread is I am seeking help from the community members. I am 40 years old and am experiencing ED. I live a stressful life and it isn’t going to change anytime soon either. I always knew that at a certain age I would have this problem but not at 40!

I do get occasional morning wood. Not sure about night wood though. During intercourse “If” I get a good erection it doesn’t last long. I mean I can get hard and hump the wife till I come, but I cant take my time like I used to. If I take it out at all just for a few seconds it goes limp. Even in non stop intercourse it isn’t hard like it used to be.

Erections were never like it was when I was a teenager, but they were much better than now. It is getting to where I cant get erections for sex now. I mean some days yes, most days no. This has become a big problem in the last 6 months. My wife takes it as rejection but it isn’t.

I have been taking l-arginine lately but it doesn’t seem to help. I take 2000mg a day. It is helping me with circulation definitely. But not with erections. I also have been taking 1200mg of Lecithin (Heard it was good for semen volume). Ive been using these supplements for about 4 weeks now coupled with Kegel exercises with no results.

I am interested in using raw Ginseng but am not sure what kind. I am on a budget but I’m willing to spend to help my situation. I am also willing to try other supplements but would like to stay closer to the natural stuff. I will continue the L-Arginine because it has helped circulation overall, but I am looking for a good mixture of ingredients to boost libido and EQ.

I am not looking for a quick fix. I really don’t want to rely on Viagra Or Cialis. I understand I live a stressful life and am getting older. I know there can be some kind of mixture of supplements that will restore me back to good sexual, and overall health possibly better than before.

So it is to this vast group of experts and novices that I ask for advice. I would appreciate you giving your age when you reply. Although I will take all advice to heart, it would be nice to get advice from guys my age who have experienced the same problems.

I have faith in this site that I will receive the help I need. I want to one day be like Dr Frankenstein and say “It’s alive!!!! It’s alive!!!” And have this hulking monster pop up from under the sheets ready to reek havoc.

Help me do this; and I will donate $100 to this site in appreciation. Not a bribe, just a token of my appreciation. I’m getting up there in age, but feel too young to be going through this.

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Unrealistic surgical goal: 12" x 8.5" :)

Just wanted to update on the herbs I mentioned. I received them a few days ago and been taking 500mg of Muira puama, 625mg of tribulus, and 3 opti-men multivitamins a day. Only been a few days but my erection quality has returned about 85-95% which is great, just in time too my fiance comes home in about a week from a 37 day long family vacation so dieing to test things out.


I just wanted to mention that for the past week I have been trying out what GanierGuy suggested earlier in this thread.

I wasn’t expecting too much of a change in EQ, but DAMN. You were right about the superman hardons!

Earlier there was a mention of acetyl l carnitine. I had taken about 1500 mgs per day back last year and found some circulation improvement. Recently read more about it and tried it again and have raised my dosage from 3000 up to 5000 per day. This is my third week with a high dose. No more than 2000 after a meal. It has made several positive changes. My dreams are vivid and I remember them on waking. I am also getting more night wood. I love to wake hard like I did when I was younger. When I use a cock ring I now get rock hard erections. I am going to stick with it and return to a low dose of tonkat ali. Too much of that and I get mean. Really mean. The only down side so far is I can have a musty almost fishy kind of smell. I am showering and staying clean and using mild deodorants and after shave. I am now in my low 60’s and am pleased with my progress. In the future I hope to no longer need cialis or a constriction ring.

Well since this is already rezzed I’ll pitch in

Bigone0749, careful with tongkat ali. It suppresses the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis by replacing some luteinizing hormone. Long term use could potentially disrupt natural test production.

You can also make a tea from rosemary, peppermint and chamomile…adding in some honey as a natural sweetener. (Optional to add cayenne pepper and ginger as mentioned). A little safflower will help with circulation too.

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I am 35 years old. The problem here is very old. You are bored and tired. Tired of the way you are living and sexually bored of your lady. Here’s something you could try. All natural and simple. Stop masturbating. Let your sex power build up.Take some vacation alone or with some good friends.Clear your head. Flirt a little. I will suggest something you can try. Take a good vitamin b complex supplement. It will help you relax. Increase l arginine to 4 grams a day. I will also suggest something that I have been using with amazing results every time and was well known in ancient greece as it was used in orgies for stamina.All my friends use it. Our ladies are more than happy. Consume 500 ml of pure natural pommegranate juice at least 3 hours before sex followed by two teaspoons of good quality pure honey and some walnuts. Works every fucking time, as long as you don’t use it daily. I have said it more than once, that noone should underestimate the power of water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. I am married since 2007. My friends are also married. What you are experiencing is a very common situation to all of us.


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