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I started taking lecithin today 4x1200mg pills 4 times a day. After 1 day I noticed a difference in my load size. Any thoughts on taking the pills all at once in the morning? Anybody else with experience with this suppliment

I have soy lecithin that I took for a few weeks about 1 to 2 tablespoons a day, always in the morning. Didn’t notice big differences in load size. I really don’t think 1 day would make any difference anyways. The difference was probably caused by something else. I haven’t heard any indications that lecithin would even affect the amount of sperm. L-arginine and zinc on the other hand have alleged effect on the amount of sperm and its quality.

Lecithin had no effect on me either.

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I bought some the other day from Amazon per the Holy Grail of Cum Load thread. It was hilarious because lecithin was most commonly sold with pygeum. Pretty sure that isn’t a coincidence and that thread has boosted the sales of those two supplements! I have been taking lecithin for 1 week now but can’t report on any changes as most of it ends up where you can see it. :)

I think lecithin/pygeum/zinc combo works for me but I’m not sure it is a drastic change. When I first started I bought soy lecithin and I am almost positive it decreased my libido and EQ. Switched to sunflower lecithin and was back to normal (if not above, heavy balls and precum make you horny) within a couple of weeks.

The herbal medicine store I get the pygeum from has a pretty hot gal who works there. I always wonder if she knows why am buying it? She always seems super friendly when she is ringing it up! :-)

Anyone here trying to read the tea leaves?

Blue eye, blonde latino

Well on my second day of taking it, regular diet slept horribly last night. Of the three times I cam during sex today the first two I couldn’t tell how big they where but there was 12 and 10 ropes and the third time the amount was double what I normally expell on my first time previous to taking this stuff. The contractions are stronger I guess to expel more fluid I am just wondering if I need to spread the dose out over the day or if I could take the same large amount once a day

Don’t forget about Zma.. I’m in my 2 nd week of Zma now and I have notice way much deeper and better sleep and that’san good detail when your body heals at night.

And its more semen volume with use of Zma also becouse of the zink, magnesium and B6 combo in Zma..

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I Started taking Lecithin This morning I had sex with my gf last night and came my usual amount.
I went and purchased some Lecithin this morning after dropping the kids at school and took 2 pills when I got home about 5 hours after taking them I had the urge to cum which is strange for me after having sex the night before so I loaded up xhamster and proceeded to have a wank it took me about 20 mins to cum which is normally the case when I am masturbating but when I came I was shocked I normally shoot about 7 squirts 1 big one at first then they get smaller with every squirt but this time I shot 9 big squirts and the orgasm was amazing. I have never cum like this in my life before and I am shocked that the Lecithin has worked so quickly but there are no other reasons for my cumshot to have increased other than taking the Lecithin this morning I am wondering how its going to be tomorrow after taking them at night and again in the morning.

I will report back with my results :-)

Lecithin is generally considered good for increasing feeling during orgasm. It has benevolent effects on the nervous system.

I took egg lecithin for the last two months. No noticeable effect.

Last year I took soy lecithin, also for two months. I noticed bigger loads. But I’ve heard soy lecithin is not good because of estrogen or something like that.

I’m thinking about trying sunflower lecithin, but I’ve found it’s almost impossible to get it here in Brazil. Could sunflower oil or sunflower seeds be alternatives to sunflower lecithin? Or should I just stick with soy lecithin?

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By the way, I’m not sure if I bought the wrong egg lecithin or what, but that stuff was very very stinky.

07/2013: BPEL 6.9" MSEG 6.2" / 03/2014: BPEL 7.3" MSEG 6.6" / Goal: BPEL 8" MSEG 7"


Just started taking a week ago.. Amazing results. You could hear the semen hitting everything.. Can actually feel my beard growing at times.. This is what to take to become more of a man.

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