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Lecithin Granules and increase load

Originally Posted by Reiver19
Yeah, I have been using the lecithin and it has doubled the amount of ejaculate. Now, if I can only figure out a way to make the ejaculate thicker and whiter?!

What brand are you using? or what lab is it from?

Present: 8.75" BPEL, 9.25" BPSFL, 5.3" EG

Goal: 1' BPEL, 6.5" EG

I am thinking about trying this out. Has anyone else had success with it?

Sure springer, do a search for lecithin and scroll down until you see the 3 lb tub for 10 bucks.

I’ve had great success with lecithin granules mixed in drink or food, nothing whatsoever with capsules (I used GNC brand), and I even would take 5 - 10 at a time.

12 pounds wow! How much do you plan on taking per day? You should post some pictures of what that does to your wad heh

Would it be possible to take lecithin on an “as-needed” basis, instead of every day? Does the effect occur within a few hours of taking it, or do you need to build up over days or weeks?

As-needed is just fine, seems to effect me in a few hours. But once you start supplementing with it you’ll probably want it every day for the other benefits, at least I did…mainly it’s help with concentration, mental stamina, etc.

Thanks javyn. And you take how much a day?

I *try* to get in two tablespoons a day. One with my morning yogurt/cottage cheese and one at night in my protein shake. The trick is to mix it with food or shakes/smoothies. If you just mix it in water and try to drink it (I did this at first), it will make you gag because it’s like drinking a cup full of boogers.

Also, it helps release omega 3 DHA/EPA into the blood from the liver, so it could be a good idea to take your fish oil with it, if you take fish oil.

How about as a topping on a spinach salad - kinda mixed in with the parmesan cheese and the oil & vinegar? Can you actually chew it, or are you trying to just swallow it whole?

I’m gonna take your word for it on the cupfull of boogers. Although I’m curious to know under what circumstances you learned what a cupfull of boogers was like. :-)

In fact, I do take fish oil - one capsule with breakfast and one with supper. but it’s not clear why you’d want to release omega 3s from the liver at the same time you’re bringing more in.

Anyway, I’ve ordered from Swanson, and got some other things I normally pay twice as much for while I was at it. Thanks for the info.

I mix mine with water and down it. Not too bad. Much better than doing the same with milled flax seed (yuck!). Haven’t noticed any significant difference yet but I have always produced a pretty large amount - was really hoping this would increase the amount of pre-cum as I secrete hardly any. The lack of tangible result also might be because I got the GNC brand (although it doesn’t indicate it has any ugly additives, so I don’t see why that would be the case). I found the same thing with the capsules as well … not much difference in anything other than having to swallow a bunch of extra pills.

- Chris

I just down them with a small glass of water. I don’t mind the texture. The type I am using is derived from Soy.

I have been taking a lot of supps lately and I have been feeling much better physically and mentally. Could very well be a placebo. But I don’t care. I’m feeling great!

If you can mix a tablespoon with water and chug it down, great. I just find the texture to be disgusting. I think mixing it with oil and vinegar would be great.

I put a couple of tablespoons in a glass of pulpy orange juice. It works real well. The lecithin makes liquids thick, but with pulpy orange juice, it is already thick and you won’t notice it. Lecithin stirred in yogurt is pretty good. The taste is o.k.—kind of fatty like. The granules work for me in increasing my load. Cheap, good for you in several ways, and easy to take. I think it is pretty good stuff.


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