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L-theanine for anxiety

L-theanine for anxiety

I know when it comes to me posting links they very seldom ever work but I need to do it for this supplement. Green tea is a high source of L-Theanine one of the active ingredients besides ECCG. This amino acid reduces stress and anxiety and certain types of hypertension. It may also be a natural alternative to Ritalin.


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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I take theanine if I’m stressed out after work. It has a subtle calming effect.

I also take it when I’m driving long distances. I first did it one evening a couple years ago when I had to drive down to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast, about four hours away. As soon as I got on the freeway I started feeling drowsy. I didn’t want to drink caffeine because I had a presentation to do the next morning and I stay up all night if I have caffeine after 2 or 3 in the afternoon. So, I did 100 mg of theanine and made it all the down without dying once. It’s great for driving. I’m calm but focused, which is just right on those twisty coastal roads with all the logging trucks and RVs and twits coming at me with their brights on.

I buy the Jarrow version:

I have been taking green tea supplements since March 07. I wondered how it controlled high blood pressure. Now I know how it controls blood pressure.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

This should be good for performance anxiety, It will negate the effects of adrenalin (vasoconstriction) and give your dick a better chance to stay hard.

I’ve taken theanine before for anxiety.. And it does work pretty well.. One of the few supplements I can actually notice within a short time.

It’s subtle but effective. I suppose it’s in green tea but you can also just get it as a supplement.

I guess if I wanted to try becoming a porn actor, Cilalis and L-theanine would be pretty useful, or maybe GABA would be better for nerves, I’ll have to try them both out as I can get anxious just walking down the street.

When I come across these type of threads, I think some people really do not understand what clinical anxiety is all about. I’ve tried valerian, passion flower, st. john’s wort, exercise, relaxation therapy, green tea, CBT, etc. All that stuff helps very little if anything with my anxiety disorder. The only thing that really helped was mega-doses of some prescription drugs (benzodiazepines) and even then, the side-effects and tolerance eventually gave me problems. Other prescription drugs, like SSRIs, so far, don’t seem that encouraging.

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